Friday, March 22, 2013

Light Me Up

I have always lived in apartments in Santa Clara that lacked proper overhead lighting. Lamps help but it always seems to be an issue. The other day while shopping at Costco, I found a set if 6 LED lights that came with a remote and 20 batteries. I have tried Tap lights but the never seemed to stick or did not last for very long. These lights are guaranteed for 100K hours.

I put four of them in my bedroom closet and two in the hallway closet. Up to 24 of them can be controlled by one remote. I think I will pick up another pack of six to brighten up the bedroom closet more. If they are not at Costco, I also know I could get them at Amazon.

Tonight I'm making 48 cupcakes for my coworkers for Spring/Easter. I am just using box mix and Frosting creations. The base is plain and then you add the flavor you want. I got Strawberry shortcake since it is pink. We have Spring Break next week so no school. Wahoo!!! Plus my Fridays are half days so the countdown begins. Until next time...

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Masked Madness

How are you doing? I'm doing pretty okay for a Monday. I did drink a few cocktails yesterday. Did not overeat though. We had a friend that passed away last Thursday and apparently the word had not gotten around. I ended telling like six different people Sam had passed. There were some other folks that had not been around for a long time so I had to tell them another friend of ours died and she's been gone for a few years. It was just weird...

I have been using my CPAP machine religiously but I have always struggled with the masks leaving marks on my face for HOURS after I take it off. I hate it! Well, the have come out with a newer version that has less straps and is not nearly as cumbersome. It's called the Wisp. Same price but way better. I am hoping one day I can ditch the damn thing.

I'm overdue for tests at the doctor. We are on Spring break next week so I plan to get ALL the overdue tests out of the way then. Until next time...

Friday, March 15, 2013

Puzzle Pieces

Happy Friday! It's been a good week back to work. I really missed the kids. They bombarded me with hugs and it felt good to be missed. One of the problem children that I had a number of incidents with got expelled so that made it a lot better. He had kicked, hit, scratched and spit on me! Pretty sad for a 5 year old in my humble opinion.

When my bio sister, Tess and I met, she gave me my original certificate of birth. I was doing some filing the other day and ran across it. I saw that it had a San Jose address so I decided to go check it out. I Google Earthed the address so I knew in advance what it looked like. It is across the street from Bill Wilson Center which makes a lot of sense. Bill Wilson is one of the cofounders of Alcoholics Anonymous and there are two centers here locally that provide counseling for both adults and youth.

It is interesting to be able to piece the timeline of my youth after all these years. It has forever changed me and sometimes I think I opened a can of worms but all in all I'm glad I searched and glad I found out all I did. I know a lot of reunions don't work out so I'm grateful.

It's going to be a nice springlike weekend. Need to dust Phoebe off and get out in the fresh air. Sunday I will have my annual corned beef sandwich. Don't do cabbage and don't like boiled potatoes so that will save calories. I don't really want to drink so I can avoid those extra calories too. Until next time...

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Facing the Music

Hello! Good God it's been forever since I've posted! I have had so many posts brewing in my head and I need to get back to blogging badly.

I was off of work the last two months. My mom has gotten stronger everyday but the dementia has gotten worse. She is in the beginning stages of Alzheimer's. She still recognizes me but not every time. I took the opportunity to tell her how much I love her, thanked her for being my mommy and my friend. I told her I'm so grateful for her and my dad and the fact they adopted me and gave me such a wonderful life. I told her I am a good person because of her and my dad's guidance. As difficult as it was to have that conversation, I am glad I had the opportunity to say it to her while she is still able to understand. One of the hardest things I've ever had to do but well worth it.

During the time off, I gained 8 lbs. basically a pound a week. It was beer and French fries I tell ya. I'm already down 3 lbs. since going back to work. At work, I'm walking 5 miles a day at a minimum so that really helps. I didn't weigh myself until the end of last week because I was a little worried but it is so much better to know. That is how my weight got out of control before. That and elastic waistbands.

I'm still fostering the kittens. It's a full house but they are pretty entertaining. Bogey made friends with them and they all have fun together. Bogey is 10 months old and the kids are 7 months. The big drawback is the litter box since they are indoor but they live much longer that way. It's worth it to me in the long run.

That is about all for now. I really want to post regularly again but since I'm not in front of a computer anymore, it makes it more difficult but I need to get back in the grove. Right now I'm using my iPad Mini. Seems to work okay so far. Until next time...