Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tattoo You

I got my first tattoo when I was 19 years old.  It was a heart with a lightining bolt on my right ankle. It was 1985 so it was definitely before they were mainstream.  I hid it from my parents with a bandaid for a few years. My Dad said "You got a tattoo? You're a weirdo!" I thought he told my mom but he didn't and she was not a happy camper either. My brother said "Biker chick" 

I do have a sun on my upper thigh as well.  I was playing it conservitive. I wanted the option to be able to hide them if neccessary.  When I was working full time it was imperative that I maintain a professional appearance.

Well... now I have a total of 6 of them. Four of them I have had done in the past 6 weeks. It is true, they are addicting!  The first one is a ladybug which is on the back of my neck. I told him what I wanted and he mapped it out for me.  If my hair is down, my hair covers it

The next one I planned out was a hummingbird.  The meaning behind it actually deserves it's own post but this one is on my right shoulder.  Nani 'Oe means You are beautiful" in Hawaiian. 

As I was getting the hummingbird done (took 2.5 hours) I saw a drawing of Little Cat on the wall. The artist had drawn it and I just adored it so I ended up getting him on my left shoulder. I love that he is farting too. My mom used to call me fart blossom so it was appropriate.

The last one I got was the peace sign daisy. As you can see it is below the ladybug.  I'm a hippie chick (actually a product of hippies) and I love pink.

I am still healing the last three. Especially the cat because he has some thicker lines like on his collar. It is a little hard to reach them so I have been asking my neighbor or friends to help moisturize them. I am not going to sugar coat it but they do hurt.  It's hard to explain but instead of stressing on the pain, it was better to relax and enjoy the proccess.  It seems backwards but it does work.

I can still cover them up for the most part if need be but I also have enjoyed the process of getting them.  I have had both good and bad reactions to them but I am proud to have them and feel a sense of freedom being able to do what makes me happy.

Until next time...