Monday, September 24, 2012

I'm Alive!

Whew it's been forever since I posted! It's certainly the longest break thus far.

I had a bad cold last week that turned into an ear and sinus infection. I missed a few days of work and back today but my right ear still hurts and I can't hear out of it.

On the 13th, my car got hit in a parking lot and it's going in for repair on Wednesday.

I have more news but I'll have to post it tonight or tomorrow. I need to find a good time to blog now since I'm not in front of a computer. Maybe after work or first thing in the morning. We shall see. Talk to you all soon! Hope you are well! Until next time...

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Katie does Kindergarten

Helloooooooooooooo! Oh my goodness, seems like forever since I wrote a post. I have totally missed it and all you guys.

Kindergarten is kicking my touche! I have been walking 13K-15K steps a day just during the course of my work day. From basically sedentary to walking over 5 miles a day. The kids are very entertaining to say the least and I already have favorites and of course the trouble makers LOL! They all call me Miss Katie and some even use my last name which if funny.

One funny story from last week was I was showing the kids flash cards of various workers like truck drivers, nurses, beauticians etc. and one came up for a photographer and one of the girls, Allyson, said "Paparazzi!" They are 4-5 years old mostly.

Weight is holding steady. I did not take my meds over the weekend so I am a little bloated but I will weigh in tomorrow. Speaking of weight, the kids have been asking me "Miss Katie, why are you so FAT?" Lovely eh? I knew it was inevitable but I have to call them out on it, explain it is not appropriate and to have them apologize to me. Make a learning experience out of it basically.

Sorry I did not announce a winner for the giveaway yet. I have just been trying to catch up on everything. It requires a lot of preparation so I have been getting things organized plus I have been getting up at 5:00 a.m. every day. Good ole kitty alarm clock - Bogey is 4.5 months old. I have had him 2 months today.

I need to get going but wanted to pop in and say hello. Hope you all are doing okay and I look forward to catching up with my reading. Until next time...