Tuesday, September 15, 2020


I have been unpacking the contents of my parents house that was in storage. I had put it off for the last 4 years. I knew it was going to be an emotional process but boy howdy! Take for example, one of the boxes was all medical records from my mom. Basically it was going down medical memory lane but not in a good way. From her breast cancer, open heart surgery, osteoporosis and Dementia. You'd think it would be easy to go through but it was just a huge reminder of all the sh** she went through. Slowly but surely I am chipping away at the stack of boxes. Like the saying says, you can eat an elephant; one bite at a time. 

The thing I have found is I need to feel to heal. If I keep ignoring things, it doesn't magically go away and often times gets worse! I think that is the case emotionally and physically too. I believe that one of the major reasons for my weight gain was emotional issues I had not dealt with. There were other contributing factors like PCOS and genetics but emotional eating was right up there. I think it was one of the KEYS to help me start losing.

That is about it for now. Hope you all are well...

Until next time...

Monday, September 14, 2020

Merging my Worlds


The other day I posted a picture of myself on Facebook from 10 years ago from the weekend that I met my bio peeps compared to now. As a P.S. I said I am blogging again. I have NEVER mentioned my blog on Facebook before EVER. I was afraid there was going to be some kind of negative fall out from it but seemed all positive. I had quite a few comments and thumbs up; all positive. I have discussed just about every detail of my life here. Hopefully it does not backfire. I suppose there is a risk in putting things out into the interwebs but if I can save someone from enduring heartache or motivate someone to know it is possible to make BIG changes in your life no matter what age then it was all worth it.

Still holding steady weight wise...

Until next time...

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Continous Glcose Monitors (CGM)

Hello my friends! 

I went and did my blood work and my HbA1c is 11.6. It is still WAY too HIGH but it is lower then last time. A tiny step in the right direction. I have been working with my doctors office to try to get a CGM so I don't have to prick my fingers daily. I am learning all sorts of things about these monitors

What is A CGM you ask? A continuous glucose monitoring system, or CGM for short, is a compact medical system that continuously monitors your blood sugar levels in more or less real time (there’s normally a five-minute interval between readings).

To use a CGM, you insert a small sensor onto your abdomen that includes a tiny cannula that penetrates the skin. An adhesive patch holds the sensor in place, allowing it to take glucose readings in interstitial fluid (the fluid that surrounds cells in the body) throughout the day and night. Generally, the sensors have to be replaced every 10 to 14 days.

A small, reusable transmitter connected to the sensor allows the system to send real-time readings wirelessly to a monitor device that displays your blood glucose data. Some systems come with a dedicated monitor, and some now display the information via a smartphone app, so you don’t even need to carry an extra device around with you.

Aside from the constant stream of data, most CGMs can send alerts telling you when your blood sugar levels are rising too high or dropping too low. You can also set the alert parameters and customize how you’re notified.

It’s not an understatement to say that CGMs have revolutionized diabetes care. Unlike a traditional fingerstick blood glucose meter (BGM), which provides just a single glucose reading, CGM systems provide continuous, dynamic glucose information every five minutes. That equates to roughly 288 readings in a day.

I will keep you posted as to when I get it and how well it works.

Until next time...

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Will You or Won't You?

So I had this whole post done and it did not save! Grrrrrrr!!!

Weight is holding steady... Blecccccchhhh!

My blood sugars are not good. My HbA1C is 12. Double what it should be. It sucks. I met with a PharmD who is trying to get me back on track. I need to be tested to see what my current stats are. I am really bad at testing. I would rather poke my belly then prick my fingers. I need to get a F***ing grip!

Since I am getting older **cough cough** I need to get my ducks in a row. I did not have the assets I had before so it is a whole different ball game. No one wants to deal with Wills/Trusts but it is such an IMPORTANT thing to do for those left behind. I have witnessed what deaths can do to the survivors when it comes to money. My brother and I were lucky that everything was very well spelled out so there was no questions. I also have to do an Advanced Directive which will let everyone know about my final wishes and end of life decisions. I even have a list of music I want played at my service. May seem weird but like I said, less decisions for someone else to make.

That is about it for now. Hope this post saves!!!

Until next time...

Monday, August 24, 2020

Zip Lining

Hola Mi Amigas (Amigos?) Hope you are doing okay. I am hanging in there. I am holding steady at 213 which just sucks. Yes, I am glad that I have lost 102 lbs. but I have stalled out here for WAY too long. My friends N and L said they would take me zip lining when I get under 200 lbs. Right now we have been in the 110-115 degree range so it isn't the ideal time anyway but in a month or two it will cool down and be perfect. They have night time visits as well so I think I would like to do that. Have you ever zip lined? Would you?

Not too much else to report. I went on FB dating for a minute. It was intimidating! I shut it down until I can be mentally prepared. Seems like it's the new way to meet peeps but I guess I haven't quite made the leap. Obviously what I have been doing is not working so I guess I just need to try something different. 

I have been working from home. I do better at home and actually got an award for my performance. I will work from home at least until the end of the year. I got a tiny raise but I really need to up my game. Been able to work overtime so that helps.

The Bark Park Bully is still in rare form. Her latest bulls**t was that she yelled at a young man and he was a special needs guy and her response to the mother was "I don't care!" and her friend said "Maybe you shouldn't bring him here then!" I was just arriving as it happened. If I had witnessed it I would have called her on it. It was inexcusable that they responded that way!  I am embarrassed by their bad behavior!!! I try not to engage either of them but one of these days someone isn't going to tolerate it and it will go down. I can just feel it. Mark my words...

Until next time...

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Bark Park Bully

Well I thought I would be back sooner but nope... I am at 218 which is 3 lbs. left of the Covid-19 belly.

I have mentioned a few times that I go to my local dog park with Sophie. I call it the Bark Park.  I have been bringing Sophie there since she was about a year old. She is almost 6 (November) I used to go twice a day when I wasn't working! They actuallycalled me the Mayor at one point! LOL!  I really enjoy going there and Sophie plays with her puppy friends and has a blast. There is a side just for littles like Sophie.


There is a woman who comes to the park and she is a downright b**ch. She is proud of being mean and does not care what anyone thinks. She makes negative and rude comments not only to myself but complete strangers as well. To give you an example, there is a couple that started coming to the park and they have 3 small poodles that are approx. 15 years old. The BPB (Bark Park Bully) says to them "Do you EVER groom your dogs?" She JUST met them! She has shamed me a number of times with Sophie and told me I needed to get her groomed and how scrappy she looks!  She is AWFUL! We did exchange some choice words one day and eventually let it slide. She is 70 years old and certainly not going to change but it takes every shred of self-control I have to keep from saying something back to her when she makes these snide comments.I do my best to tune her out but it is rough! She is such a buzzkill! This is my happy place and she just harshes my mellow BIG time.

I do have some sad news. Gracie the Little Cat ran away. The last time I saw her was 7/3. She was 5 lbs. full grown. I hope someone has her but you never know as there are wild animals and birds that can pick her up. I have never lost a pet before so it's been tough...

Until next time...

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

What A Long Strange Trip It's Been...

Bonus points if you know what that reference is. Here is the link to the video.

I can't believe that it has been 6 months since I posted last! Seems like every time I come back here I say the same thing. I am really going to try to commit to using my blog again. I was most successful when I did blog consistently.

I turned 54 years old on June 21st. Holy Sh*t!!! Next year I am eligible for Senior Discounts!
I have gained 5 pounds since this whole Covid-19 situation happened. I have lost 100 lbs. to date. I dipped really close to Onderland before this all came down.  I have been working from home since mid-March so that and being quarantined has not helped. The only real exercise I am getting is at the dog park with Sophie. I haven't been going as much which I will talk about next post. Aside from the fact that is blazing outside!

I actually joined Planet Fitness a few days ago.  My company pays the Annual Fee. It is super close to my house so NO EXCUSES  except that since I am in AZ and cases are spiking here, we are going back to quarantine status so they will re-open in 30 days (hopefully). My friend and I would like to start working out regularly. The bonus of the membership is that they have other amenities. One of them is Red-Light Therapy. It is very effective in treating skin issues. I have a few things like Eczema, NLD and HS. Lucky me with the trifecta of skin issues!!! Red-Light Therapy has done wonders for my skin. I used it back in Cali and it really was effective. Now I can do the gym AND the Red-Light therapy and it is $22 which is not bad at all. It is an investment in ME right? I am worth it!

That's about it for now. I will hopefully be back tomorrow!

Until next time...