Friday, December 19, 2014

What a trip!

Well Hellooooo! How are you all doing? I am hanging in there. I have been in AZ now for 12 days. What a wild ride it was to get down here!

First of all, before I even left town I got in a fender bender. It has been determined it was my fault. Grrr...

It doesn't even have 4,000 miles on it yet. To add insult to injury, my windshield got cracked during the drive down. I will be taking it in next week. I was supposed to do it this week but got overwhelmed with it all so I rescheduled.

It takes approx. 12 hours to drive from Northern California to here. My brother flew out from CO to help me move. Thank GOD! He's moved a number of times so he knew what to do.

Prior to the trip I took Bogart to the Vet and got his shots but also got him some sleepy meds for the road trip. I got a large kennel and put it right behind me. It was SO stressful! I was worried and he was loaded as all get out. We spent the night in LA somewhere and I had to get him in the motel room and make sure he ate and did his business. I couldn't open the door for fear he would run out.  He managed okay with the occasional moan but again he was loaded so it was easier on him.

He's doing okay now. He is still adjusting to all the room. I made my office his room too so he has been hanging out in there. This picture was in my walk in closet in the bedroom. I know he likes it in there too but I am not going to let him make a habit of that.

Until next time...