Thursday, July 14, 2016

It's Been Moons!

I had NO idea that it had been since March that I logged into Blogger! That's a long time! Sometimes I think I should just ditch the blog but then I am glad I didn't. If anything, I am thankful I have all this history written down.

My good news is I am hovering at 243 which is better then bouncing around in the 250s.  If I could get my sh*t together, I could refocus my efforts. I am in a better head space then I have been in a long time. Would you believe my mom has been gone 3 years on Monday. Blows my mind how time has passed. I went through an upheaval losing her, breaking up with Dave, moving to AZ etc. etc. but if not now when???

I just turned 50 a few weeks ago. That was stressful. I guess it's a landmark birthday so it's not that unusual but I was trippin there for a few. Like my cousin said "It's about counting down now!" The brat!

Hope you all are doing okay well!

Until next time...