Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Well the Bodybugg site is back up but I forgot to bring home my USB cord again so I can't upload my screenshots. I wonder what updates they did because I don't see any significant changes. It did seem to load a little quicker but the grumpy dude is still there!

I have been doing well on food and activities. I went on a short walk with my friend Deb. We just went around her block which is probably like a quarter mile. In the past when we would walk, I would have to stop a few times (Debby said 6 times!) and this time I made it without stopping and at a fairly brisk pace. It felt great! Plus when I was leaving her house she commented on my butt and said it looked smaller! Yeah! Hopefully I will get another walk in before the day is over. Until next time...

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