Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday and Stuff

What a day Saturday was! My legs were sore this morning let me tell you. Once I started moving around they loosened up a bit. I took it pretty easy today though and spent the afternoon in Debby and Larry's backyard. It was in the 70s and breezy but nice. Here I am with my pink hat that I got at the Flea Market yesterday :-)

I am in the process of breaking off a relationship which I know it isn't going to be easy. I have been living with the BF for the past three years. In a nutshell: He has a drinking problem and won't seek the proper help. I have tried to help him but he lies to me about his drinking. He does help with cooking and cleaning but does not pay anything towards the rent which is $1,000 for a Studio apartment. It has been a long time coming but I can't continue our relationship any longer. I am making big changes in my life and he is stagnating. He is 15 years older then me and won't change his ways and although he loves me dearly and I love him it isn't enough anymore. I need to care of me first. Until next time


  1. I'm sorry about the relationship stuff. I know it's hard. But good for you for taking care of yourself. :-) Lots of luck.

  2. TY Shannon! :-) It is like losing a BIG weight all at once!

  3. Good for you for taking care of yourself! I love that hat!


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