Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mush Brain

I exceeded my target calories because of beer. I am thankful there even was a deficit! On the ship they did not have Corona which I was bummed about so I made up for the last 7 months of not drinking it. Back to my wine... I was reading some old posts and there seems to be a common thread about exercising. While I am way more active then I was 45 lbs. ago, I need to really kick up the activity. I keep talking about it but NOT doing it and I need to stop that cycle right NOW. Tonight is my standing dinner with Mom at the Fish Market so tomorrow I want to go to the gym and then clean up some of the chaos in my apt. Debby is going to have a Garage Sale soon (Aug 8th) so this is the perfect time to purge some of my larger clothes and other junk I mean stuff I have. That is what I hope to do this weekend. Until next time...



  1. I've gotta start running again! I hurt my back and got all lazy, but my back is mostly better now so I need to get up and get movin!

  2. Well, heck, you had to have your Coronas - they're on the sidebar! Shoot, you are still doing so well...I'm proud of you!

  3. That BodyBugg thing looks sooooooo cool!! What an awesome friend you have. I'm doing everything manually. It's really nice being able to put your finger exactly on where you're at. That's nice you get to get rid of stuff at your friend's garage sale. I've always envied those people - garage sale folks - people that are organized enough to even have a sale. One of these days! .... I'm thinking next year:)


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