Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday Musings

No screen shot today because I did not wear my bodybugg yesterday. I did log food though and 1339 calories which is within target. I took my mom to the retina specialist and they did some testing and determined that the shots have helped improve the progression of the Macular Degeneration. That is good news! We will go back in a month to determine where we are at. Did quite a bit of running around last night so I got to bed at a decent hour.

I just tried the New Banana Nut Cheerios this morning for the first time. I have always been a Cheerios fan so I had to check them out. I also had one of my coworkers (also a Cheerios fan) try them. The verdict: Good but very sweet. I tried them on their own and with milk and with milk they were a little milder tasting but overall they were good for something different.

Going to get the keys for the new apt. after work tonight. They mentioned it wasn't quite ready but I would just like to be ready when they say "Go" to start bringing things over there. I am trying not to agonize over all of this but this too shall pass. Until next time...


  1. I think I would love that cereal..I like sweet!!
    We dont have this cereal in South Africa or Germany...must ask my daughter if she has seen them as she is currently in America ( Charlottesville Virgina )

  2. That's so wonderful about your mom!

    If you like them but think they're a little too sweet, try a half-plain cheerios/half banana nut bowl. I do that occasionally with the honey nut version.

    Congratulations on getting the keys and good luck!

  3. My husband came home with Banana Nut Cheerios from Costco. It was an enormous Costco size box. Neither of us cared for them for the reason you said .. just too sweet. We finished them lest they be wasted but we're not straying from plain Cheerios ever again. They're the best.

  4. Good news about your mom's MD, hope she keeps her vision for as long as possible.

    Those Cheerios sound nice, but if they were too sweet, I would mix them with some non-sugary cereal.

  5. I love Cheerios! I haven't tried that kind yet though. I'm glad that your mom's diagnosis was good! That is fantastic!

  6. Good news about your mom. I love cheerios too but haven't eaten them in awhile. These days it's been twigs (fiber one) for more fiber lol.

  7. I never had these but was always interested! I gotta go pick up a box for me now! Thanks!

  8. I'm glad your mom is seeing some positive results. Keep us posted!

  9. Oh, what good news for your mom!

    After having cake tonight and now have tummy spasms, something sugary-sweet does not sound good! I'll stick to plain. Thanks for the heads up.

    I haven't even seen the new Cheerios in our stores yet.

    Go get those keys, I'm excited for you to get in and settled! =)

  10. Thanks for the food review. I don't think I'd like them as I prefer even regular Cheerios with no sugar. Glad to hear the good news abour your Mom.


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