Friday, October 23, 2009

Winging It

I have been winging it lately. I haven't gone grocery shopping (for home) in over a week. Last night I had some black beans with salsa when I got home and then picked up Dave and got a Chicken sandwich at Jacque Le Cube (Jack in the box) It tasted good but it was 720 cals! That is not good.

I really need to refocus my efforts. I don't want to unravel all the hard work I have done. I need to learn to make adjustments when faced with stressful situations and decide that the little extra effort in planning properly will benefit me more then hinder me.

I have a store credit at Kohl's so I think I will do some retail therapy at lunch time today. I would like to find some work pants. I seem to have casual wear in smaller sizes but not business attire. If I don't find something at lunch I will go this weekend to give myself a break from packing. Until next time...


  1. Time to re- refocus as you owe it to yourself Katie, you are worth looking after...I know you can...xx

  2. There are alternatives to 'fast' that are better. Look for them and stock up. :) It has saved my waistline and thighs from bouncing back to what they were.

    I believe you will figure it out and get back at it.

  3. Katie, I was once 350 lbs. If you're ever really bored and want to be more bored, you can read my short version here:

    Losing weight is hard work -- Though we have to believe we are worth every effort it takes to be healthier. It only gets that much harder to get out of the chair with each advancing year. ;-)

  4. Oh this sounds like me right now too! Haven't been tacking anything for the last week or two and haven't touched my bodybugg for that time too.

    I'm back on track this weekend though!

  5. Hi Katie. Hope you found some nice trousers on your shopping trip.

    Re refocusing your efforts - I agree with the other commenter - you're worth it!

    Happy Friday to you!

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

  6. I don't eat well if I don't make the grocery store each week and plan. I too, need to plan ahead for those days!

    Thanks too for following my blog!

  7. I will be with you in spirit- I am hitting Kohl's myself this weekend for new work clothes. Hope you have good luck!

  8. I love Kohls ever so much! It's my favorite store! Just ordered a bedding set from there, and I can't wait for it to get here.


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