Monday, November 2, 2009

New November!

I survived the move! Actually it went really well. I had 7 people helping and we had 3 trucks and a van. It only took a few hours which was nice. I even went out and had a few cocktails on Halloween night. I had vodka tonic since I am not drinking beer until the cruise. I got all confused with the time change on Sunday and was pretty much a space cookie all day yesterday.

Food was junkie all weekend. Hopefully I burned it off with all the moving around. I did not wear my bodybugg at all over the weekend but I do have it on today. It's a new month and clean slate. Time to get the ball rolling again with my weight loss. I really want the next 8 weeks to count! Hope you all had a good weekend.

On a happy note I wanted to give a shout out to Fat Daddy over at Fat Daddy Rants. He hit the 100 lb. milestone today! Woohoo! If you have never been to his blog you NEED to check it out!

Until next time...


  1. Glad the move went so well - hope you have fun setting up your new place!

    I love that this is a new month - am ready to make some changes, as it sounds like you are, too!

  2. Glad the move went smoothly! Good luck with getting back with your weight loss plans!

    Patsy x

  3. So glad you survived your move! Moving is a paaaaaain! You're gonna do great this month and next! Me too! Go us!

  4. Glad you're in your new digs! Congrats on a successful move. Good luck getting back on track. YOU CAN DO IT! =)

  5. Glad your move is over. That's tough. We did that 1 1/2 years ago. What work!

  6. May you have lots of joy and happiness in your new home...
    I hate moving...its such a big job - my biggest move was from South Africa to Germany...packing away my life in storage was not easy...its all in storage still and I know I will never use them again....
    I'm pleased to hear you had time to celebrate daughter tells me its HUGE in the USA...we in South Africa dont know this tradition - its very Germany they also catching on so had little one's knocking on my door, thank goodness I bought sweets and chocolates for them, but did land up eating about 8 small pieces of caramel ....

  7. I'm glad that your move went smoothly!!

  8. One question:
    How the hell did you get 7 people to help you move?! Seriously! My experience is that people scatter to the four ends of the earth when they hear someone needs help moving. hehehe

    I'm sure you're relieved to have it over. Hope you enjoy your new place. Are you having a housewarming?

  9. Congrats on the move!!!
    Now, time to get back to business!

  10. Hi Katie,
    Glad about the move being quick and efficient.
    I hope you get settled away and back on track soon.

  11. Hurrays! So glad the move was smooth, and now that's OVER and you can focus on settling into your new digs :) I'm SO with you, I want these next 8 weeks to work for me, and I for the next 8 weeks! I want to ring in the new year, new fabulous! :)

  12. Congratulations on the move. Now the unpacking begins.... Here's to finishing the year strong!


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