Monday, December 7, 2009


Whew I survived the weekend... by the hair of my chiny chin chin let me tell you. I am emotionally drained to the maxie. Did some shopping and chillin on Saturday and then met up with Dave yesterday. I had written down the points I wanted to make so that I did not forget anything. I was able to speak my peace and it was recieved as well as can be expected. I don't know where it leaves us but I can say is I have done everything in my power to make this relationship work. He gets out of the "program" on December 23rd and I am not sure if he will be coming to my place to live or not. It might be a good idea (ya think?) to decide but I just don't have the cajones to just break it off so here I stay in limboland.

Last night my friend Tommy and I tried a new Mexican food restaurant and it was the bomb diggity! I have always liked ceviche and it is really hard to find it and if you do it isn't always good but here it was dynamite. I had two fish tacos that were also super tasty . I had breakfast and dinner both Saturday and Sunday. I did have a few Coronita's (baby Corona's) with my din din last night. We shall see on Wednesday how it plays out on the scale. Sidenote: I have not worn my bodybugg for a week.

Still have not talked to my mom. I feel bad but I am just not in the mental space to handle it or deal with the associated stress. I don't want to hurt her feelings but I just can't handle it right now...

In case you did not catch it yesterday Katie J is doing a Giveaway. It is open to ALL readers and all you need to do is leave a comment letting me know your favorite workout DVD/tape is. I will choose a random winner on Wednesday, December 9th and announce the winner on Thursday.


  1. Fish tacos? Never tried them. What kind of fish, and what about bones? Good luck at the weigh in.


  2. Fish tacos sound like a good choice. I've heard that chicken fajitas are the best selection at Mexican restaurants-given you don't use loads of sour cream, guacamole and cheese-or wash it down with the jumbo margy. LOL!

  3. I hope your relationship works out the way you want...

  4. Good luck with Dave, whomever he is, and whatever the relationship is, and from wherever he is being released. You deserve happiness. If he can't provide it, well,'ll need to address that.

  5. So glad that had had tasty Mexican food. I'm off to google ceviche. England has a shortage of Mexican places and then they tend not to be of the highest quality. So I know what a gem it is when you find one...

  6. Hi KJ,

    That Mexican food sounds good. We have a lot of good cuisines in Philly but Mexican isn't one of them!

    I like your plan of staying in Limboland. Sometimes the best action is no action Let it unfold as it will. Sounds like your meeting went as well as possible.

    My favorite workout dvd is Ana Caban's Beginning Pilate mat workout. Have a good day, KJ!

  7. I don't need to win anything but stopped by to see what was happening earlier and forgot to comment (when the lunch bell rang (inside my head).

    I love Mexican and ceviche. Yum! And your weight loss photos are great. I just took another peek since you posted in November.
    Great progress! Where's the body bug?
    I think I need one of those but my body bugs me enough.

  8. Mmmmmmmmmm fish tacos are so so good.

    I have yet to try ceviche but have been wanting to for quite a while.

    I haven't been wearing my Bugg for 2 goes back on in the morning after I charge it up tonight. Wearing it does make me wonder if I've been active enough each day & nudges me to get up & at least stretch or walk around the house if I've been sitting for a while working on something.

    Best wishes that you're able to figure out what is best for you.

  9. Good job writing down your points and I'm glad that you got everything said that needed to be said. I know you know this, but you are not responsible for where Dave lives, and if it is going to be weird for you then stand up for yourself...after all, if you don't put yourself first then who will?

    Hugs to you, my friend - hope you get out of Limboland soon!

  10. i love fish tacos!! i make mine with grilled tilapia (seasoned with old bay) and mango salsa. Mmm, I might have to have some tomorrow now that you've got me thinkin' about them. A fun way to get summer flavors when it's freezing cold outside!

    i hope everything works out the way you want, katie. stay positive and let's get that new profile picture! i wanna see the new you!

  11. I used to make fish tacos. I haven't in awhile. They do rock, though. Mmmm.

    The answers will come to you. You're thinking things through. That's OK. Nothing wrong with that.

  12. where did you get your blogger template? :) I likes it! I want a cool one too.

  13. Matters of the heart....I'm still learning.

  14. I LOVE ceviche too! I just read a review of a restaurant that serves tuna and watermelon ceviche...mmm...
    weight loss

  15. Hi Katie. Don't send me any fitness DVDs!

    Sounds like things went as well as they could with Dave and I noticed the Freudian slip(?) of peace instead of piece. Is what you were saying more about keeping the peace than actually saying your piece?

    If it's so draining just to chat to him then is it really viable that he should be coming to live at your place in the near future? I think you need to make a decision otherwise the 23rd will be here before you know it - and then you'll be under pressure because of Christmas. Also he needs to make plans himself. Maybe living separately for a while would be the best idea? It doesn't necessarily mean breaking it off altogether. Just maintaining your own space and integrity for the moment until you see how things work out. Just make sure you don't end up giving yourself a stressful Christmas. Put yourself first on this one. Because in doing that you'll actually be doing the best thing for him too.

    And BTW, what's with not wearing that Bodybugg??!!

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

  16. Do what's best for you! You can't be his mother. Alot of men expect to be taken care of, but it's not your responsibility to do so. If you're not getting back from the relationship as much as you're putting in then it would be best to end it and move on. Just my 2 cents.


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