Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tripping Along Thursday

Had my bodybugg on yesterday but then I forgot to put it on again this morning. Out of sight out of mind I guess... Bad Katie J...

I made a really nice dinner for my friend Tommy last night. We had a little spiff the night before so I wanted to make up for it. It was Chicken breast with Apple and Almond stuffing, baked potatoes and green beans AND for desert I made Ghiradelli Walnut brownies. OMG they were scrumptious! It was a great meal but I was sooo full afterwards.

Is anyone else having trouble uploading pictures? I was going to show you the pic from Christmas last year but I could not get it to upload. Blasted blogger!

I have to tell you how much I love FedEx! Last year, they started a program where you earn points for shipping with them. Well, I send a package every day to our corporate office so my points add up fairly quickly. Last year I won an iPod Shuffle (gave to Danielle) and this year I am getting a $100 Gift Card from Target! It will come tomorrow which is perfect timing. They said it would take 4-6 weeks but I got the tracking info yesterday. Woohoo! I PUFFY HEART TARGET!!! I just need to remember to not spend it all on ME. Until next time...


  1. Wow - so much free stuff!!!

    And yes, I had trouble with pictures this morning to... hmmm...

  2. Blogger makes me crazy. Oh wait a minute, didn't I have a post about that a week or so ago - lol! Your dinner sounds delish and I'm glad you were able to make up with your friend. Once you can download pics, I'm still waiting for a new face shot...

  3. I wanted to mention on your yesterdays entry that I met my hubby via an internet dating it can happen...

    Why you not wearing your buggy daily....dont you want to see, are you like me and the scale, I dont weigh in if I know I am going to see a gain ( the old days that is not anymore )

  4. Thank you for stopping by my blog and the nice comments!! Much appreciated :)Have a good one!!

  5. I'm thinking it might be worth it for me to start a fight with you so you can make me a yummy makeup dinner like that! ((lol)) jk. That sounded really yummy tho!

    And FEDEX? Holy cow! I had no idea about that. That almost motivates me to send packages to people... I love free stuff!!!

  6. We're going to have to come to your house every morning and wrap that bugg around your arm!!! lol

    Congrats on that gift card! How cool is that!

    I live an hour away from the nearest target--can you imagine???

  7. oooh and here I was hating on wordpress and feeling jealous of you blogger/blogspot peeps :)

    who knew? :)

    Have a great weekend.


  8. Thanks for stopping by. I love Target but will have to do without one for 3 yrs. so have fun for me! Dinner sounded yummy!!


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