Thursday, January 21, 2010

What's the Plan, Stan?

I did well on food yesterday. I didn't eat a whole bunch so hence the bigger deficit. We ended up not going to Costco last night. I had some homemade chili and cornbread for dinner that our friend Huggy made. Perfect dinner for a wet, rainy night. I am usually not a fan of cornbread but his was very moist and tasty.

As I mentioned, Beckie-Lynn wanted to know what kind of plan I was using for diet and exercise. My intentions when I started this journey was to make this a lifestyle change. I know it sounds cliche but it is true. I think the biggest hurdle for me was identifying what a "real" portion was. My idea of a portion was grossly inaccurate!! I put a handy chart on my fridge and referred to it when cooking or preparing meals.

I have included yesterdays food log for your reference. My breakfast during the week pretty much stays the same. I have some yogurt, a cereal bar and string cheese or cottage cheese throughout the morning. For lunch, I usually have a sandwich or sushi. My afternoon snacks are usually nuts or fruit. For dinners, I mostly eat chicken or fish. Sometimes, I will have pork or beef but maybe once a week if that. Where I run into trouble the most is in the evenings. Getting snacky and eating too late is where I still need work.

Here is the nutritional breakdown of the calories as well. I just love all the charts and graphs the bugg provides.

I am tracking calories for the most part and not really counting them. I try to stay within 1400-1600 cals per day. The way my bodybugg is set up is I should burn 2850 and consume 2150 but I never burn or consume that much. As long as I achieve a deficit of 700 calories per day (Calories Burned - Calories Consumed) then I should be able to lose 1.5-2.0 lbs. per week.

My exercise plan needs a MAJOR overhaul! I am more active now then I was a year ago for sure but I am far from being an "active" person. My objective is to just make it a part of every day life. I have the resources available (Sr. Center AND 24hr fitness) but I am not utilizing them. I really need to work on this!!! When I do exercise, I mostly walk in my neighborhood or do Zumba or Belly dancing. I am a big fan of dancing so I enjoy shaking my booty for exercise.
Well I hope that answers your question Miss Becky! Until next time...


  1. why is it so hard to get the exercise part down? I am struggling with that as well!

  2. The problem IS the problem, isn't it?
    There's a link in there between learning what works,
    and making it automatic *somehow*
    "Fake It" only took me so far...

  3. I think you should dance. It's fun, isn't it?

  4. I've looked into the bodybugg - do you think it is really user friendly when entering the calorie intake for the day?

  5. I love dancing...its the best way to I miss my teaching dancing days.

  6. I can't wait to see your food/exercise log.

    Oh, by the way, your blog seriously makes me happy... I couldn't help but give the award back to you! lol. Thanks for your inspiration, Katie!!! :-)

  7. This is cool... it's fun to see exactly what others are doing and how it works for them!

  8. Maybe you should just dance more since that is what you love!!!!! I love exercising if it is fun.

  9. Im wanting a Wii so bad and that new Just Dance game to play on it. Love a "dance style exercise" doesnt feel like work! lol.......and just so you know, ever since reading your post title, the song Hit the Road Jack popped into my head and now I cant get it out! lol

  10. Hi KJ,

    Thanks! You're on my roll now, and on a roll too! You'll find some good exercise to pick up. I'm going to try and brave a bathing suit to start swimming. FEAR AND TERROR!!!

  11. Hi Katie! I'm back after a (too long) hiatus, so I wanted to stop by and say hello to one of my favorite blog buddies.

    I'm with you and honestly believe that rocking the lifestyle option as opposed to sticking with a plan is long term the way to go. I tend to sort of float and make my own plans as I go.

    Whatever you're doing, you're doing well. You've gotten rid of 55 extra pounds, and the rest should watch out!

  12. Wow, that's so cool - I love all those graphs and stuff!

  13. Just found your blog. Love the name, btw. It's good to see Katie J on her way. Come visit me too!


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