Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Weigh-In Ash Wednesday & Progress Pics

Nothing too exciting about yesterday. I tried to eat mellow foods since the overdose of popcorn wrecked my belly. I am feeling better but I am still bloated. I got on the scale this morning and I am up 3 lbs. but I am not surprised. I need to flush out my system of all the evil sodium so I am going drink copious amounts of water today.

I took some updated progress pictures if you want to look at them here. I didn't get around to doing measurements though. I need Dave to help me with that so maybe I can do them this evening when he gets home. He has been ramping up for baseball season the last two weeks. For those of you who are new, Dave (my boyfriend) is an umpire for high school sports. Baseball is his favorite but he also does football, volleyball and some basketball.

The winner of my Blogiversary Giveaway is Rach at Losing it for Real. Congratulations hon! I will be sending out your package shortly. Just need to add a few more goodies ;-)

That is about it for now. I am working on a post about elastic waistbands. Hoping to post it tomorrow. Until next time...

P.S. Is anyone else having trouble viewing pictures on other people's blogs? Blogger has been acting weird lately...


  1. Blogger is being flighty ... about keeping peoples new posts in my roll, too. It's annoying. Because I hate missing out.

    Elastic waistbands ... once my friend. Now I won't touch. :D

  2. Blogger is being touchy, I hate that! DRINK that water and was away that sodium!

  3. Hi, Katie! I hate sodium. I have gained SEVEN pouinds overnight that took a week to lose! UGH.

    Your note on Dave made me smile. My father was a officiated baseball, football, soccer & basketball for high schools & colleges. Baseball was his favorite, too. I often say that I grew up on a ball field. :)

    Nice memory amidst all of the snow we're having here (3" this month alone.)


  4. Hi Katie. Elastic waistbands - that's where I am and it ain't good!

    Bearfriend xx

  5. I hope the popcorn is flushed out soon. Sorry about the pictures and the cord. I really hate that!

  6. I was able to see the pics. Blogger acts up every now and then.

  7. I hope you can get back on track Katie, you need to make it happen, it will make you even happier!


  8. Looking good, Katie!!!

    I think Blogger is having PMS.

  9. Those pictures look great! You're doing fantastic!

  10. AWESOME PICS KATIE! You rock!

  11. Hi Katie!
    Loving the new profile picture!

  12. Great Pics.!!! I have to stay away from salt to or it is all over...

  13. Elastic waist bands...they have their place.
    On scrubs, for example, you want the elastic instead of a tie.
    Can't tell you have many times that tie has come untied!
    Same as sweats.
    Seems that's all I ever wear....until now! :D
    Love your new profile pic!

  14. The 3lb gain will be gone before you know it. :o)

    Elasticated waistbands?! I have a love/hate relationship with them... Hate them because they're so frumpy, but love them because my waist is 16" smaller than my hips(!) and if I buy jeans to accommodate my thunder thighs, the waist is miles too big unless it has a partial elastication... Even when I'm a skinny balinkey I have a 12"-14" difference between my waist and hips and have to cinch the waistband right in with a belt, which can look really odd! The joys of being a cross between a British pear and freaky hourglass! lol

  15. I had a 3 pound gain as well this week and i'm pretty sure sodium is the culprit there.

    I love that you post the results from your BodyBugg!! :)

    I have elastic waste pants. I'm not sure I like them because I can't tell if they are getting bigger or not. Hmm....

    Hey... I can just feel that you are in for a really good week Katie! :)


  16. blogger is always a nuisence!

    totally love your progess pictures section. i think i may start one :D you inspiration you!


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