Friday, February 26, 2010

Fa Fa Fa Friday

I did not meet up with my mom last night. I waited too long to eat dinner and grazed a bit on some walnuts. I never knew how high in calories they were... Wowie! They are good for you but whew!

(This is the one I ordered)

As I mentioned yesterday, I need a new swimsuit because the other one is way too big. Yes, I am glad it is too big BUT having to shell out $100 for a new one was no fun. Same thing with friggin bras! Although... I am not happy about my boobs shrinking. Circumference is okay but not cup size. I still have not purchased any new bras. I have been looking at Just My Size and they have a few reasonably priced cute ones but I don't know how well ordering them online will work. I have never really been a fan of buying bras. When I am at goal I will be going to Victoria's Secret and buying some matching sets but until then...

Speaking of shopping - I have been doing A LOT of shopping as of late. I have fully enjoyed it don't get me wrong but my spending habits in the past have mirrored some of my old eating habits and I felt a little out of control. The only big purchases we have planned now is a new computer and to fix the dent in my car. I have an old laptop at home that is becoming outdated (not compatible with my iPhone, etc.) . I just recently resolved a lot of my outstanding debts thanks to Dave and have got caught up which is a G-R-E-A-T feeling. My only outstanding debt now is my Student Loan which I will probably be paying off until I retire - LOL!

As most of you know I have also been on a CCC (Clear Clutter Campaign) and have successfully purged a whole bunch of unneeded items. I left no stone unturned and it has taken me at least the last 5-6 months to do so. It was time well spent though because I don't feel so bogged down with *stuff* I am trying to adopt a minimalist attitude when it comes to decorating too so I don't have too many things to dust. Seems to be working. I even told Dave he can only put Katie approved items on display on our dresser, nightstands etc. :-)

On another unrelated topic. Anne H over at Carb Tripper bequeathed me with a Sunshine Award. Thank you Anne! According to the "official" rules the Sunshine Award is awarded to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspires others in the blog world. I am truly honored! It should be passed on to 12 bloggers of your liking.

Here is my list of 12 but like Ann said the list could go on and on forever. Here they are in no particular order...

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Not too much planned for the weekend. It is my cousins birthday tomorrow so the family was getting together for brunch but I am not sure I am going to go. They really didn't invite me. I was asked to go because my mom wanted me to give her a ride. She doesn't need one now since they are going to the "usual" place so I may gracefully decline. We shall see...

Hoping to see my friend Debby over the weekend. She and Larry have been my besties for 25 years but I have not seen them much the last few months because they have been travelling. Deb came back from their latest trip sick so if she is on the mend then maybe we could get a visit in. I miss them A LOT!

Well that is surely enough rambling for today. Hope you all have a great weekend. Until next time...


  1. Thanks for the award! I'll be posting about it (and the others!) over the next couple of days...

    The simming costume looks great - love the shorts!

    Hope you have fantastic weekend. :o)

  2. WOW, good for you for clearing clutter! Super cute swimsuit too!

  3. That's a cute swimsuit. Where did you order it from? I know what you mean about the expense of replacing things like it and the bras. I finally went and found some bras that fit over last weekend. I'd been to Victoria Secret (happy to finally measure at a size they carry in the stores) but it turns out their bras just don't fit me well... one day maybe. Back to Lane Bryant I was forced to go where I found a couple that fit well & they were on sale so not too bad. This process sure makes one become an excellent bargain shopper. :-)

  4. Hi, I am just new to your blog and I love it, I think the swimsuit you picked out is wonderful. I hate the bra shopping, I have never ordered online because they always fit so differently, Take care and have a great weekend.

  5. Thank you, I'll post about it tomorrow. I appreciate it!

    I like the swimsuit a lot. It's really pretty. I hope you don't spend to much-I would-on your shopping trip. Just keep remembering your CCC!

  6. Wow. Love the suit--astounded by the price! I had no idea.

    Thank you for the award--it is on my bog. :D I love awards. I'm kind of like a 4 year old who gets a sticker for a job well done! chuckle.

    Happy weekend!


  7. I am cooking for a boy this weekend. weird times.

    i hate bra shopping! i hate shopping for swimsuits too. blah.

    *high fives* on the award!

  8. The chest is in constant flux during the shrinking. Bras is the one item of clothing I had to keep up on. Since the rest of me was shrinking, I didn't mind that they shrunk to keep in proportion.

    Thank you for the award. That's very sweet. You certainly make my days sunnier, too.

    Enjoy your weekend, Katie!

  9. Katie-thanks so much for the award and for everything-you are the best. Love that bathing suit and can't wait to see pics of you in it :)

  10. I'm so glad that you bought a new suit - that one is really cute! I am a clutter hater, but my hubby is a clutter keeper. It's a constant balancing act around our house!

  11. The swimsuit is darling! I love it!

    Congrats on the award! You definitely deserve it! :)


  12. Congrats on the award (much deserved) and thank you for sending it to me as well.
    Love the new suit....and Im like you. I hate shopping for bras and am too afraid to buy them online. Do you have a Lane Bryant near you? They have the best fitting, or atleast I think so and they arent horribly overpriced. Im trying my hand at the minimalist thing....but I have SO much junk. lol
    Enjoy your weekend and relax!!!

  13. Super cute bathing suit! Congratulations on another award!

  14. I GAVE YOU AN AWARD!! ahahaha... you're getting the same one but from me! :) yahoooooooooo

  15. I love the swimsuit!! I am like you on ordering certain things over the internet. I just ordered new work out clothes and I am praying to god when they get here they fit. Hope you have a great weekend!

  16. Love the suit! Where did you get it? I am swimsuit shopping for a cruise in May. There is nothing like a well fitting bra. I went to a specialty shop and was fitted and have never been so happy (and perky)! It has really helped me feel better about myself as I have lost weight and the "girls" are moving south fast! Congrats on the award, I enjoy catching up with you!

  17. Loling at "Katie-approved items" - you are so cute! That swimsuit is great and I love the colors...nice work losing enough weight to need a new one! I feel ya on the spending money, though - they are expensive!

  18. Cute swimsuit! I need a new one, too.

    I need bras, too. I can't order them offline because I have to try on--and I can't try on in stores because, well, I have a large cup size that stores don't sell. So I usually find someplace to get fitted that involves traveling, then buy one--then order online where they're cheaper. lol

    Enjoy that CCC campaign! I need to do that again this spring, and this summer I'm ready to paint the whole house! (inside!)

  19. Thank you for the award Katie! I love the swimsuit - it is cute and looks comfy. I am working on de-cluttering too right now...


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