Monday, February 8, 2010

Ran the Gamut

I hope you all had a good weekend. I had a good one but I ran the gamut as far as emotions go. It started out on Friday night. I usually stay home Friday nights and Dave had a baseball meeting. HG was at the bar drinking and came back around 8:00 p.m. Well he was on tangent from the moment he stepped in the apt. He was ranting and raving about life and how he just didn't want to deal anymore and would shoot himself in the head if he could. It was very upsetting to me to hear him say this stuff. Here I was looking for a quiet Friday night to hang out at home and this is what happens. Ughh! He eventually calmed down and went to sleep but meanwhile I was shaken up. Dave came home and I went to bed but didn't say anything about his outburst until the morning.

Saturday was a great day! HG was gone because he was helping his friends band set up for a gig. We went to A&W and I had a Papa burger with fries and a Root beer. It brought back childhood memories for sure. It tasted soooo good! It was a nice treat and I don't regret it. Dave and I went to the AT&T store to get him a cell phone and we ended up getting an iPhone for me! OMG I love love love it! If any of you have one and have any recommendations on cool apps let me know. After that we went to Target and got a towel rack and small vanity for the bathroom. I also got a workout DVD. It is Leslie Sansome's Walk away the Pounds: Toning. It came with two evil pieces of rubber. I asked Dave if he would do it with me and he agreed! Yay for that!

Yesterday was another good day. Dave and I went to Office Max in the morning and got a writing desk for our bedroom. Dave is going to take my old laptop and he is going to get a new one for me. We have a friend at HP who can give us a family discount. I decided that I wanted to stay home instead of dealing with drunk people at the bar. I dinked around with my iPhone and watched Real Housewives of Orange County and read Redbook. It was really nice being home alone. I watched The Who for the halftime show and went back to dinking around on my phone. HG came back after halftime was over and I did let him know that I was upset by what transpired on Friday night. I didn't want to rehash the whole thing but I wanted him to let him know it had an impact on me. He was apologetic and really did not want to talk about it either so we let it go.

Sidenote: Last week I bought a bag of peanut M&Ms and put them in a cute heart shaped bowl and set them on the end table. I started munching on them on Friday night and by Sunday they were gone. Both Dave and HG commented that "You ate all those M&Ms?" Thanks for noticing and commenting guys. Kiss Kiss.

Tonight I am planning on going with Danielle to go TV shopping. She won some $$ yesterday so she wants to get two new TVs. They have some good deals at Wal-Mart so that is where we will most likely go. I have been a freakin shopping machine lately! More on that topic later...

Just wanted to mention that my One Year Blogaversary is on Thursday. I have a surprise in store so stay tuned. Until next time...


  1. Other than the incident with HG, Im glad you had a good weekend! Im guilty of the M&M thing too (had a bag of plain about 2 weeks ago)..all in one day! But, we move on from there right? Looking forward to the anniversary post on Thurs. Have a great day!

  2. I too could eat all those M&M's in that period of time...they so yummy.

  3. Peanut M&Ms are cunning and powerful. The plain don't tempt me at all, but I could quickly OD on that yellow bag!

    Sounds like an overall good weekend. Congrats on getting an iphone! I still have an old-fashioned cell but am starting to think about an upgrade! There's always something out there to spend $ on! Have a good day Katie.

  4. All M&M's are enticing to me! YUM!

    I've been wanting an iPhone for the longest time! Congratulations!

    Looking forward to your anniversary!

    Enjoy your new "toy"! ;-)

  5. It would be the mini M&Ms for me. I really have to discipline myself when those are around!

  6. Sounds like everything was mostly good this weekend, I want an iPhone so badly but I have Verizon!

  7. Congrats on the iPhone - everyone I know who has one loves it!

    You HAVE been a shopping fool lately...what fun! I do that too sometimes - last weekend was my time (hello Nike+, workout pants and bra, birthday gifts for my son) - I say we are helping the economy, right?!?

    P.S. I wouldn't have taken that long to eat those M&M's.

  8. Hi Katie. Glad you had a good weekend despite HG. Sounds like he just needed to vent. Shame he let it all out on you though. Hope he makes up for it!

    Bearfriend xx

  9. Good Stuff on the iphone - that is too much phone for owning a racecar and never driving over 20! haha

    I'm proud of you for talking about the blow up - I would have let it slide and felt like crap about it. Talking makes it less of your issue! :)

  10. Hey Katie-I'm addicted to the app Iassociate-its a word game-so fun. Also go to and it will let you know when certain app become free or go on sale.

  11. Wow - what he said....
    Stay well, Katie J!

  12. Do it, Katie, walk away those pounds. Stop talking about it, it's time to do it. You want to feel better, so I am telling you to stop talking and start walking.

    Hope you still like me, but get out there and get serious now!


  13. I can't buy sweets. I have no self control.

  14. Craig eats a family-size bag of peanut M&M in one sitting... If it's nuts in chocolate, he can't stop eating them until they're all gone!


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