Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tra La La La Thursday

Steps: 3850
Physical Activity: 28 mins.

I had a good night food wise. I had marinated some chicken in low-cal Italian dressing and we had green beans and red potatoes. Yummers! Had a bowl of Multi-grain Cheerios as a snack. I went through paperwork while watching American Idol and it felt good to get through some more clutter. I am getting it whittled down to a manageable level - yay! It is a really good feeling!

After the bad experience with the Loreal makeup, I went to the CVS website and found this:

The CVS/pharmacy beauty guarantee - 100% satisfaction.
Be 100% happy, or receive 100% money back on any beauty product. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, you can return the beauty product (opened or unopened) along with your receipt or invoice to any CVS/pharmacy store. We will refund the full purchase price—no questions asked!

How cool is that! CVS is fairly new in California. They purchased a chain of stores called Long's Drug Stores. I loved Long's but the eldest owner passed away and the children wanted to sell it so they became CVS. It has been a bit of an adjustment because they entirely redid the store. I used to be able to shop the aisles in my head. I guess I am a little resistant to change...

I tried the New Loreal Go 360 Clean facial cleanser. I have sensitive skin so I bought the sensitive formula. The applicator sits inside the bottle and pops out for use. It is a little awkward holding the applicator and I ended up dropping it twice. It has a little suction cup underneath and the first time I dropped it, it stuck to the tub floor. Well the 2nd time I dropped it, it stuck to my boob! I literally had to laugh out loud at that! As for the product itself, I really do like it. It made my skin soft and I could visibly see the reduction in my pore size in just one use. I would recommend it for sure.

Quick question for y'all. Would you be interested in seeing a list of what I am eating everyday? I just wondered if it might help someone. It looks like this (click on the image for a larger view if needed):

Well that is about it for today. Hope you are having a good week! Until next time...


  1. Good to know about CVS. I'm sure that is super useful. Hope you have a great day.

  2. For some perverse reason, I always like reading what people eat. But only do it if you think it will help you. Might be a good way to track every bite!

  3. I hope that we get some of the new stuff here on base to try it! I like pictures with blogs. Gives me ideas to!!

  4. I would love your daily menu - somehow it inspires me, especially when I'm stuck for ideas!

  5. What?!? Longs is no more??? That was my favorite store - Longs and I go waaaay back! The one on Homestead Road was my hangout. And every time I go back to visit my friend in CA, we always make a pilgrimage to Longs. I am so sad right now!!!

  6. I love CVS!!!

    And YES! I'd love to see what you eat everyday... I'm so super duper curious! Thanks Katie! :-)

  7. Good info on the makeup. I will avoid trying that one. I usually use Aveeno products as I have egzema issues. :D

    I have decided to switch blogs. would love to keep in touch with you and see your progress. If so inclined, please join me at:

    and I will add you onto my blog roll there.

  8. I am loving your product reviews.

    I like getting an idea of what other people are eating that is healthy. It gives me ideas on new things to try.

    Having said that I must say that I don't usually care for the daily photos of everything that someone eats in one day.

    I just like seeing something new or a photo of a new recipe that is posted.

    That is just me, others might find it helpful.

  9. mmm.m.mmm marinated chicken!

    i dont wear makeup. :)


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