Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tapestry Thursday

I had a bigger deficit then this because I forgot to put my bodybugg back on when I exercised. I have been taking it off as soon as I get home but I need to keep it on. I played with the Wii for about 20 mins. Oh my god it is so freakin fun! I didn't even do all that much but it felt great and I definitely was sweating. So far my favorites are Hula-Hoop and Kung Fu.

I heard you all loud and clear about the smoking. I was a little afraid to mention it but it was good to hear your feedback. I will review the programs in more detail and let you know which one I decide to follow.

I need to call 24hr Fitness today. The Fitness manager was supposed to call me back and it has been at least a week and I have not heard from her. I want to schedule the sessions I bought and will schedule them starting next week. I chose this particular location because it is smaller and I thought more personalized but apparently not. Until next time...


  1. You crack me up. You know you need to keep Bodybugg on but you keep taking it off. Stop that!

  2. Tough crowd on your blog, Miss Katie J!
    Smoking and what-not.....
    You know, it's never "just" about the weight,
    although weight might be a visual representation
    of some kind of internal heavy-ness....I don't know...

    But somewhere in there is a call for health!
    And a call for health deserves a healthy answer!

  3. Glad you are enjoying the Wii Fit! Not gonna say another word about your smoking, I promise. :)

  4. It would be tuff throwing something like smoking out there. Its a part of you though so why not. I hate when I am waiting on a phone call. I did a personnel trainer at 24 hr. and it was a waste. Hope your is better.

  5. Ain't it grand to be loved. If people didn't care they wouldn't say anything about smoking.

    enjoy you day!

  6. I'm so glad you love the Wii Fit too-I can get to 168 on the hula hoop-after a week of practicing-haha-Cole got to 300 on the first day-he has liquid hips-haha~

  7. Keep your body bugg on you silly woman! How are you going to track your progress otherwise!? :) have fun, sounds like things are going well...


  8. Sweets - just read your girl crush comment - is it wrong that I'm flattered? LOL My first stalker - LOVE IT! I couldn't find your email and have a ? for you - can you email me at - pretty please?


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