Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Yes Celtic Woman!

My name is Katie J and I am a slackalacker! I rescheduled my appt. with Grace to Thursday after work. I am just not a fan of doing anything on Monday nights. I made a great dinner though. We had leftover steak teryaki and I made a stir fry with it and it came out wonderful. Dave raved about it and had 3 servings! Gotta love that. I did not do any exercise but I did put stuff away from the weekend.

Dave and I are going to see Yes on July 11th and Celtic Woman on August 29th at the Mountain Winery. Dave's choice was Yes. They are a progressive English rock band from the 60s. My choice was Celtic Woman. I am beyond excited about it because I have ALWAYS wanted to see them ever since I first heard of them AND Mountain Winery is one of THE best venues to see a concert. It only holds 2500 people so it is pretty intimate. Here is a picture of the venue.

Tonight I am getting a pedicure after work. Happy pink toes! Dave is going to cook dinner since his game got rained out. We are having Pork Tenderloin, red potatoes and green beans. Idol is on and I need to clean out my trunk. I am going to take everything out and then organize it. It is basically the last phase of Katie's Clean-up Campaign. I feel like I have been working on this forever but it is time well spent in my humble opinion. Shedding unwanted pounds and unwanted crap is very cathartic. Until next time...


  1. What a beautiful venue! You're sure to have a wonderful time!

  2. oh Katie, YOU will love them I am sure, I have seen them a few times on pbs, could listen to them forever. keep doing such a great job, I am more on track so feeling more positive again about it. take care.

  3. You are cleaning out the junk in your trunk in more ways than one-I know-I'm cheesy~

  4. What a gorgeous concert venue - I am more excited for Peter Frampton than Yes, but I do like them as well. Never heard of Celtic Woman...

    Enjoy your pedi!

  5. The venue looks beautiful!! Oh how I miss pedis. I used to get them all the time & now that I am in Germany, nope. To expensive. Makes me want to cry.

  6. Oooh Celtic Woman! That sounds so awesome! I too have always wanted to see them! Let me us know how it goes! The venue looks beautiful!



  7. How weird! My parents were JUST talking about going to that show! We're going to the winery for, like 6 different concerts this summer! Such a beautiful venue! I also need to hop on your clean up crusade. I have junk EVERYWHERE!

  8. The venue looks awesome. It is so nice to have some fun things to look forward to.

    Send some of that clean up vibe my way! I love getting rid of stuff, it is freeing.

  9. I am jealous that you are on your last stop for cleaning anything. Hmph. I've got to get this staring off into space back where it belongs. Out of my head. THen I figure I can get back to my regularly scheduled life.

    I hope you have your wonderful evening. It sounds fabulous.

    and please...pink toes pic?

  10. He he. I have been doing the same thing. Getting rid of crap and getting rid of fat. I am liking it. :D

    I know who Yes are. Good lord I'm getting old. lol

  11. Outdoor concerts are the best! That place looks like heaven. I have a co-worker who LOVES Celtic Woman. So much so that he's going to Ireland in search of them! ha ha!! You'll have a great time! Glad you're doing the LHA challenge.

  12. Hi Katie. That looks like an amazing venue!

    Well done with having almost got to the end of your cleaning up campaign!

    Bearfriend xx


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