Monday, April 19, 2010

Zoom Zoom!

Dave umpiring at Oak Grove High School (Friday)

Front of Grace Cathedral (Friday)

Close up of front of Grace Cathedral (Friday)

Cement Ship at Seacliff Beach (Sunday)
What a whirlwind weekend! Had a great time on Friday night at the concert. It was better then I anticipated actually. I think it is the first concert that I went to sober. They had a bar but I just did not feel like having a drink and I was driving so that was a consideration too. One thing I thought was funny was I needed to go to the ladies room and I see the line to the men’s room is down the hall and around the corner. Well the ladies room had NO line! There was probably a 10-1 male to female ratio in the audience. The venue only holds 3,400 people.

Saturday I was supposed to see Grace the personal trainer but my belly was funky so I rescheduled for Thursday the 22nd. I busted ass around the apt. instead. I went through the 6 bags of clothes again to pick out some additional items for a friend. Once I was done, I took them over to Salvation Army. Then, I did all my filing. I am not a big fan of filing so this was no small feat for me. I got a new file cabinet from work so that helped. It is longer then the other one so it was more accommodating.

Sunday I went to Seacliff beach in Santa Cruz to see Deb and Larry. They were camping with the family (Hi Judy!) and since I had the rental car I decided to trek over there. It was SO GOOD to see them and the weather was gorgeous. It was 76 degrees and sunny without a cloud in the sky. I drove back over the hill around 4:00 p.m. because I was dog sitting so I had to feed Titan and Pan dinner.

Talked to Dave about HG and it looks like today is the day!!! Whether or not his car is done he is G-O-N-E! Dave is going to help him take his stuff over to Greg’s place this morning. Greg and his wife Karen are going to let him stay at their place in the back shed. It is not glamorous but it is better then him sleeping in his car. I am so beyond done with that whole situation. I did learn a lot about myself over the last 6 months and I believe God put him in my/our lives for a reason. He will be using our phone number and address until he can get a place which is no big deal and he can still do some handy work when necessary.


  1. Really for truly GONE?!?!? That's AWESOME!!! I just know it's a step in the right direction for all involved. Well, maybe not Greg & Karen ... but maybe even them :)

  2. Love Santa Cruz, but wouldn't want to make Hwy 17 a commute like some do...oooh my woozie stomach.

  3. I am laughing at Kyle's comment because I cannot tell you how many times I've gotten carsick going over the hill! Still, it's always worth the trip!

    Dave looks just like an umpire - they all have that same look, stance, stern face (says the mom of a former little leaguer) - too funny!

    I sure hope tomorrow's post headline is "HG MOVED OUT!" - crossing my fingers for you today that he's really gone!

  4. Sounds like a perfect weekend. Now to just be HG free it will be the icing on the cake. Loved the pic. of the beach!

  5. Sounds like a fun weekend! That's pretty funny about the line at the restroom- that NEVER happens! :)

  6. So happy for you that today is the day! Your weekend sounds just great. Why is it that weekends fly by and week days drag on??

    Usually it's the other way around for the bathroom situation. I'v been temptd to go into the Men's...i said "tempted"

  7. I once had to go so bad that I did go into the men's restroom. It was pretty awkard and I was in and out... sounds like you had a fabulous weekend... wish they were longer.

  8. Beautiful pics!
    I once had a guy stay in my shed when I had a house.
    Freaking fiasco.
    These things seem like such a good idea at the time!

  9. I don't know the story about HG... but I am glad that it is resolved!! My husband and I have had a few houseguests in our married life so far and it can wreak havoc. Glad to help and all... but it's also nice to have an end date. kwim? :)

    The church is beautiful!! I love the pictures you posted!



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