Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Green Girl Giveaway!

I am doing a Green Girl Giveaway!. Included in the giveaway is: Hungry Girl's 200 Recipes for 200 calories, A pink measuring tape, A small green LED flashlight, a green BPA free stainless steel water bottle and a 34 oz. green insulated water pitcher. Anyone is welcome to enter. All you need to do is to leave a comment on this post letting me know what your favorite low calorie snack item is. For an additional entry you can post about the giveaway on Twitter or Facebook and just let me know by adding another comment. I will be announcing the winner on Thursday, May 13. There will also be a 2nd place prize which is a pink 34 oz. insulated water pitcher. Good luck to all of you!!!

Thanks for all your comments yesterday. My mom decided not to cancel the cruise after all. I felt like I got kicked in the gut when I thought she had cancelled though. I have been shopping with the trip in mind and have set goals around it etc. so I was surprised when she mentioned not going. She sent me an email about 11:30 a.m. yesterday saying she had calmed down and that we were still going. I know it was not right of me not to call her for Mother's Day but sometimes I would rather avoid then deal with her. Character flaw I know but it what it is. Oh, the joy of the mother/daughter relationship.

Hoping the scale gods are kind tomorrow. I got lots of walking in on Saturday but haven't done much exercise since plus I have had some sodium heavy meals. All I can do is keep pushing forward right? Well that is about it for today. Until next time...


  1. Phew Katie, glad your trip is still on! :)

    I am loving this giveaway (it's sad but I do not own ONE cookbook!) :(

    Favorite low cal snack? Baby Carrots - or a small salad.

    I am thinking of you for weigh in but you'll d great!


  2. My favorite low cal snack is Low Sodium Turkey Jerkey! I could eat it by the pound.

  3. So glad your Mom decided to not cancel the cruise! :)

    COOL GIVEAWAY! :) uumm low cal snack- this week it's cottage cheese! :) YUM!

  4. LOVE the give away

    Fav low calorie snack.... APPLE!

    I always love apples! :)

  5. Tweet Sent! :) how do I link that? lol I did @ Katiejsonherway does that count? lol

  6. My favorite low calorie snack is Dryers Frozen Fruit Bars... only 50 calories each, and made with real fruit juice :) I especially love the grape and cherry.

  7. What a GREAT giveaway, thank you!
    Good luck on weigh in day!!!!!

    My fav low calorie snack right now is Fiber One yogurt! I LOVE the peach flavored, but the Key Lime is pretty good too!

    I twittered at:

    and I posted to my Facebook at:

    aka Gourmetmama

  8. For TJ, above,...lol..here is her Twitter page link:


  9. My favorite snack is low fat wheat thins. I also love almonds and apples. :)

    I'll be tweeting and facebooking shortly. No extra entries are necessary. (I've already got the book, but I'm digging the water bottle and flash light.

    Thank you for doing a giveaway. :)

  10. Glad to hear that your mom changed her mind. Hopefully things will get better.

    My favorite low fat snack is real fruit Popsicle or pineapple!

    Were you watch The Big Bang Theory when you took this picture?

  11. Good luck with the scale!!! I took Sunday off from worrying about food and it sorta spilled over to Monday but now it's on! LOL!!!

    Favorite low-cal snack? Grapes! I could probably eat John's weight in grapes. Or mandarin oranges (fresh - not the mushy canned ones). Nom nom!

    Just tweeted (which automatically facebooked) :)

    Love ya darlin!!!

  12. So glad you are still going on the cruise. What a nice give a way you are having.

    Currently my favorite snack is fresh strawberries with plain non fat yogurt with a sprinkle of Trader Joes Morning Glory cereal and sprinkle of cacao nibs and cinnamon. YUM!

  13. Yum...I want Tami's snack. She takes photos of it too..it looks like a sundae. Anyway, my favorite snack right now is a couple of Carr's whole wheat crackers w/ a piece of cheddar cheese and grape tomatoes. :) Awesome giveaway btw. I love that book...it's pricey though...at least here. lol

  14. I am glad that your trip is going to happen. :D

    My favourite lower cal snack is definitely popcorn. I love, love, love popcorn. :D :D

    This is a terrific giveaway. :D

  15. Recently I've been all about the frozen banana with about a Tbs. Hershey's syrup drizzled over it. It comes in just under 200 calories and tastes like banana ice cream (sort of).
    Congratulations on the cruise, btw. Hope you have a blast!

  16. My favorite low calorie snack is a chocolate
    smoothie. You put 1 cup Almond Breeze unsweetened
    "milk" (40 calories), 1 pkg. diet Swiss Miss
    hot chocolate (25 calories), 3-4 large Table-
    spoons Slenda, 2 Tablespoons of Lite Coolwhip
    (20 calories), 2 Tablespoons Hersey's Sugarfree
    choc. syrup (20), and a handfull of ice. Blend.
    105 calories for a HUGE malted shake.

  17. My fav low-cal snack right now is fresh fruit in Greek Yogurt or just the fruit by itself. I love love love fruit when the weather gets warm.

  18. I love any fruit as my low cal snack. They just seem to always hit the spot and curb the hunger.

    Also -- the giveaway prize you won on my blog is being shipped today -- if you've been reading lately ...I've been busy.

    Cool prizes by the way.

  19. It's so hard to pick a favorite, there are so many to choose from. The most low cal one I guess is baby carrots w/ a tbsp of hummus. Yummy.

  20. I love Garden Veggie Crisps from Costco - I love chips. Crunchy and salty -- yum! Veggies Crisps are 2 WW pts for 18! They are my saving crunchy!

  21. I have to say that my fave low cal snack item would be frozen grapes :) Love them

  22. Love the giveaway! Hoping I win! My favorite
    lo-cal snack would probably be a piece of fruit. Glad things are on the mend with your mom. I understand about the whole feeling obligated to call mom on Mother's Day, that is how I felt this year. I don't want my kids to feel that way. I feel like I should celebrate being a mother(what a priviledge!) rather than my kids celebrating me being thier mother.

  23. Fave low-calorie snack is grapes! I like them half-frozen :)

    Sorry to hear about mama-drama... :( But glad the trip is back on!

  24. I'm glad your trip is back on!

    My favorite low cal snack is fat-free sugar-free chocolate pudding. Yum!

  25. I love wasa crackers with a little bit of fruit and a serving of cheese. Mmmm. Good.

    Miss you! Be back soon. Tomorrow I hope.

  26. my fav low cal snack is: 2/3 cup 1-2% cottage cheese, 1/2 an apple chopped, cinnamon & splenda. YUM
    lindseylu8 at gmail dot com

  27. tweeted here: http://twitter.com/FitnessForUs/status/13814666648

  28. hi there! my favorite snack is fat free sugar free jello chocolate pudding with ff cool whip or hummus with carrots and celery


  29. posted on facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/profile.php?id=764447089

  30. Love your blog! So glad your cruise is on....cruising is the best vacation ever and Alaska is AWESOME!! Fantastic give-away! My favorite snack right now is Chobani greek yogurt!

  31. Glad your mom set herself straight. Have you ever thought about doing counseling with her?

    And what a great giveaway - you are too generous!

  32. Ah awesome!

    Hmm my favorite low calorie snack is apples with peanut butter, they're like 150 calories. Love 'em!

  33. My favorite low cal snack right now is veggies dipped in cottage cheese mixed with salsa! Yum!

  34. I love microwaved string cheese. It is so good!

  35. When I was counting calories, my favorite snack was popcorn! Always...popcorn. Even the boring low-fat kind. Now that I'm low-carbing, I guess like...meat? Oh, almonds!

  36. Glad it worked out with your mom :) My favorite low cal snack is Tomato basil Rice Cake with 1 oz cheese-so yummy~

  37. Cool giveaway!! :) I never win these but thought I would try (for the 107th time).

    I love edamame. It's my go to snack often.

  38. I love 100 calorie packs of grasshopper cookies and for an additional 25 calories swiss diet cocoa

  39. Nice giveaway :) Snacks, hmm so many it's hard to decide. I guess my favorite would be my banana and blueberry smoothies. I make them with frozen fruit - I cut up my bananas when they're close to being over ripe and then freeze them. Also, I add vanilla, milk and Splenda. YUMMY


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