Thursday, June 17, 2010

Topic-a-Plenty Thursday

So here is a picture of the blouse I wore yesterday. I had someone take one of me in it but I didn't like it but still wanted to share. I got quite a few compliments on it. Had a good night exercise wise. My friend Tony came over we Wii'd it hardcore. Dave has been too injured to play with me :( Food wise I grazed a bit and didn't track what I ate. Bad move but back on it today.

I have to go to DMV this afternoon to renew my driver's license. I am a little nervous but it should be okay. I need to take a test but only 18 questions. At least they give you 3 tries! I am wearing the same top I wore the last time I renewed it AND it is the same top in my Passport photo. I look good in pink so I might as well have the pictures match right?

Dave and I are going to San Francisco for the weekend to celebrate my birthday. We will stay at the Marriott Courtyard where we were for the concert. I have two things on my agenda for the weekend. Shoe shopping and the California Academy of Sciences. They have a cool exhibit right now called Extreme Mammals. This is what it says on their website:

The Biggest, Smallest, and Most Amazing Mammals of All Time, the Academy explores the surprising and often extraordinary world of extinct and living mammals. Featuring spectacular fossils and other specimens from the Museum’s collections, vivid reconstructions, and live animals, the exhibition examines the ancestry and evolution of numerous species, ranging from huge to tiny, from speedy to sloth-like, and displays animals with oversized claws, fangs, snouts, and horns.

It should be interesting! I am really looking forward to it. Hopefully, I can take some pictures. I plan on bringing my camera (not just my phone) to capture some good ones.

When I got my finger surgery, I saw a pamphlet on tummy tucks so I grabbed one. I called to inquire about costs and so forth even though I am clearly nowhere close to getting surgery. You have to weigh 163 or less according to the gal I spoke to. The tummy tuck is $8,400 and the breast lift would be $8,200! Holy Crapola! Guess I better start saving now! Sheesh! I am going to talk to my doctor and see if any could be covered under insurance. I have heard of cases where it was covered so it would be worth checking into. Also, I wouldn't have to use Kaiser for the surgery if it was not covered. I will be doing some inquiries elsewhere just to get some numbers.

Tonight is my appt. with Grace. I feel like a L-O-S-E-R but I will go and face the music. Not sure if she would even want me as a client now because I have proven that I am flaky. Maybe I can resume with her in the fall when the weather turns funky again. There are a bazillion activities that can be done outside during the summer. I guess I will just have to see. Until next time...

P.S. Don't forget to enter my Birthday Giveaway! I will announce the winner tomorrow a.m.
P.S.S. Carlos is back... shhhhhhh!!!


  1. Hi Katie, that is a cinner shirt for sure. I love it. good for you for getting into after 3 years. I am amazed at the costs of the surgeries....I believe up here the tummy tuck is free if it is causing back aches, etc. I called once about lyposuction and was asked if I was more than 30 lbs overweight. If I was under 30 pounds I would not have been calling,,,,they would not touch me because of too much weight....not sure why. all the best, keep doing what you are doing, and you are never a loser....take care. hugs.

  2. Hope you have a great birthday weekend-sounds like you will for sure~

  3. Great looking blouse, and I'm quite sure you looked great in it, too. Have a wonderful birthday weekend. SF!!! Fun, fun, fun.

  4. I love that top - really cute. I hope by now you've already gotten the license and it's a done deal.

    Enjoy every second of your birthday weekend. Personally I like to make my birthday a weeklong media event!

  5. Thanks, Katie, for checking in on me. I'm fine; not fine with my food, but otherwise fine. I hope to be motivated enough to get on my blog in the next few days.

  6. I had a full circumfrential tummy tuck here in New Zealand, not covered by insurance, it cost $16,500 and was worth EVERY CENT!
    I highly recommend it if you have masses of sagging skin!
    My tummy was hanging down so low (after my weight loss) that you couldn't tell if I was a girl or a boy! Well...except for the boobs, and me gorgeous face! ha ha ha!

  7. Have a fantastic weekend celebrating YOU!!!


  8. I love the top! To cute. Hope you have a great birthday weekend. Sounds fun!

  9. Hi Katie. That shirt is really beautiful! I bet you looked good in it.

    Will you definitely need surgery? Some people don't.

    Have a wonderful birthday weekend.

    Bearfriend xx


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