Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Topic-o-rama Tuesday

We ended up going to Costco and I got my mug shot for the card. We did a little shopping and then headed towards the food court. I had looked up a Chicken bake and it was 770 calories! Holy crapola huh? So, I decided on a Turkey Wrap thinking that would be the best choice and it has 810!!! Goes to show you all the hidden calories in so called "healthy" choices. Always a learning lesson. The good news is I had accounted for it calorically so it did not put me over my cals for the day.
I got my haircut yesterday at lunch time. My new gal is right down the street from where I work. I found her by asking a woman that I saw when I was running errands one day "Who cuts your hair?" She told me it was Susan at Supercuts so I have been going to her ever since. So when I got back to the office I asked James to take a pic. He just happened to be walking in the door when I was trying to do it myself. I had spaced for a moment the fact he is a professional photographer. I think this is one of the better pictures I have taken. I asked him if we could work out a deal for my "Goal" pictures and he said yes! In case you would like to see some of his work you can go here.

A few weeks ago Julie at Wine at the Finish Line gave me the Oh My Blog award and since I had received it before and did the early a.m. picture, this time I decided to do the soundtrack of my youth. I kept it to a total of 10 but I could have gone on and on. This exercise made me feel old LOL. I know at least some of you will recognize these songs:
  1. Free to be you and Me by Marlo Thomas
  2. The Robert E. Lee by Neil Diamond (Jazz Singer)
  3. Faithfully by Journey
  4. Telephone by ELO
  5. The Wall by Kansas
  6. Trick of the Tail by Genesis
  7. Do you feel like we do by Peter Frampton
  8. Loving, Touching, Squeezing by Journey
  9. The Reflex by Duran Duran
Tonight I am going to do the Wii and make pork chops for dinner. I found some seasoned bread crumb mix that I want to try. I will make some mashed potatoes and broccoli to go with. Hope you have a great day! Until next time...


  1. Well, I'm so old your music list is only partly familiar to me! I do love Peter Frampton, Journey and ELO. Well, Neil Diamond too. But my music would sound like Renaissance music to most of you youngsters!

    Your picture is great, Katie! Love the haircut, and how you're just boldly looking into the camera. It's a pleasure watching you gently unfold and open up.

  2. I love your haircut! It looks awesome. I think it is a really great photo too, so I'm glad he agreed to a deal. Awesome Katie.

  3. Cute haircut Katie! I like that playlist too... especially Journey :) Can't wait to see those Goal pictures, keep up the good work!

  4. Love the haircut!!! Can't wait to see the goal pics. I know you will be there soon! I to have thought that I made the right food choice only to find out that I haven't.

  5. OMG!! That is such a beautiful picture of you Katie! Your face just shines!! Those darn "healthy choices" often turn out to not be. Good for you for saving some cals for the day.

  6. I agree with Laurie - you look so happy in that picture - love the cut! :D

  7. I recognise none of those tracks! lol. I do like a bit of Duran Duran though. I love that pic of you girly... you look great!

  8. I like your new pic- very cute! :)

  9. With Facebook, I feel like I get a sneak peek at your next post - your new haircut is so cute, and that is a great picture of you!

    Boy I can tell that we are close in age with your songs! Peter Frampton, check. Journey, Kansas, ELO? Check, check and check!

  10. I love the list of songs and yep I remember them:) Suddenly you have several Susan's in your life....
    Professional pics how cool that will be plus the added benefit of being a goal weight:)

  11. Hi Katie, you are looking awesome...keep it up. I saw a show about the body bug so am more clear on it now. I am back from my Moms, so starting again.
    your song list brought back some memories. take care.

  12. What a lovely photo of you! You look gorgeous mate.

  13. Great blog! i just found it through Biz's challenge. I knew the Costco chicken bake was awful but I didn't think the turkey wrap was THAT bad! Where did you find the stats on that! Ugh! I'll have to stick with eating 1/2 of one of them. Thanks! I'm following and I'll be reading more, thanks!

  14. Awesome pic! you are BEAUTIFUL!


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