Saturday, July 10, 2010

Emotional Day

I met with my niece Candace last night and also talked to my oldest brother Fred. He lives in Alaska. How ironic is that?? He lives in Anchorage but unfortunately that is not one of our ports on the cruise. Candace and I had a great time and gabbed the whole time. I have the gift of gab and now I can see where that came from LOL.

This morning I decided to tell my mom that I have located my biological family. It was a wonderful bonding moment and she held my hands and hugged me and cried with me. She was so understanding and said she would have done the same thing. It was a big relief to tell her and I don't know why I agonized so much about it. Meanwhile, I got a call from the slumlord. He does not want to let us out of the lease. The reception was bad but it was a fairly heated conversation. I let him know I was willing to do whatever was necessary to fight him on this. I went to the police dept. this afternoon and requested a print out of the times they have been to our complex and I have a growing list of calls to make on Monday to various city and state agencies. After leaving my mom's I went to Deb's and we had a heart-to-heart talk about some things that needed to be said and we ended up crying and hugging too. I guess I needed to let it out hahaha...

Food wise I have been doing fine although today I skipped lunch which is not good for the old blood sugar. It is weird not having the scale in front of me everyday. I can weigh on Thursday because that is the day we start moving in to the new place :-) Hope you are enjoying your weekend. Until next time...


  1. Good on you! Sounds like quite a cathartic day! Good to get that stuff O.U.T.


  2. You have a wonderful mom ... but it sounds like you already knew that.

    I can skip lunch occasionally but it's VERY difficult not to overeat at the next meal. You're right ... it does bad things to the blood sugar whether you're diabetic or not.

  3. What an emotional day, indeed! Once the dam breaks, everything spills out...

    I'm glad your mom was so understanding about this...and how cool that you got to spend time with your niece AND talk with your new brother!

  4. It always seems that you can always feel a sense of relief after letting the emotions out. Glad that you were able to tell your Mom and that she was so understanding about it. :)

  5. You are cleaning up all over town!
    It's bound to be emotional, KJ!

  6. I knew your mom would understand!!

  7. It sounds like you are clearing up and breaking through all kinds of things.

    Once you start its kind of easy to keep up the momentum.

  8. Your mom sounds awesome. glad you got to talk to your family. VERY sorry about the slumlord.

  9. Hang in there. Lots of things changing in your world. Hope the living situation changes as well. Take good care. Family is everything.

  10. so great to hear, errr, read.

    and hope you slept like the proverbial LOG last night and are waking up feeling better, refreshed and ENERGIZED for your sunday!


  11. That must be such a relief to have told you mom about this and that she understood was even better.
    How cool to finally get to meet your birth family..have you seen pictures yet of your birth parents?
    I hope you told that slumlord/bully that you will take his sorry a-- to court if that is what it takes to get out of this awful situation!
    Try not to fret and enjoy your Sunday.

  12. It sounds like a very good day minus the landlord part but considering the way he is I guess it would be to much for him to do anything nice like letting you guys go without having a fight.

    Glad to hear your mother took the news so well!!! I would of been nervous to.

  13. It definitely sounds like an emotional day. Sometimes a good cry is so good for you though, don't you think?

    It sounds like you have a fantastic mom, and I'm so glad that she was so receptive to what you had to tell her.

    Such a bummer that your brother does not live at one of your stops!

    And be strong with the slumlord...ugh that is such a headache, but I have faith you'll come out on top!!

    Also, thank you for your comment - it made me smile for sure. So funny that you are from Los Gatos also...what a small world. I spent so much time right there off of Los Gatos Blvd and also in Saratoga, even attending the Saratoga Street Dance quite a few times!


  14. Well you got alot of emotional work done today. It's funny how we can (and I do ) blow things up in our minds. I am so happy your mother was happy for you. I was hoping it would work out that way for you.

    I figured the slumlord wouldn't be so kind. Slumlords never are. Sounds like he doesn't know who he's messing with. Give 'em hell Katie!

  15. Hi Katie, thankyou for your comments on my blog. Its nice to meet you and join this awesome community of like minded/bodied people. I look forward to reading more, and congratulations on the weight loss so far!!!

  16. you found your family?! so happy for you,k! it sounds wonderfully terrifying.

  17. So great that your mother understands-fight that slumlord with everything you have girl~


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