Thursday, July 8, 2010

Looking up!

Well things are starting to look up! We were approved for an apartment yesterday! It is actually in the neighborhood of where we are staying right now. It is a nice, quiet and cute complex. The apartment is large and has a fair amount of closet space. The rent is $1,195 for a one bedroom. We are cleared to move in as of the 15th of July.

Front of complex

Inside courtyard looking at front window

View from front door

I sent the slumlord a notarized and certified letter asking to get out of our lease. One of my coworkers was kind enough to help with some wording and even had his soon-to-be lawyer wife add her two cents. I had to laugh at J when he initially read it because he said I was being too nice. I have heard that a few times before lol... I am just hoping and praying that he just lets us go quietly. If we need to fight then we will plan accordingly but all we can do is wait and see.

Had dinner over at Deb and Larry's last night. We had a healthy dinner but I went overboard on nuts. She had a bowl of salt and pepper pistachios and I plowed through half of it. They are the bomb diggity! Then I ate some almonds and then Larry pulled out his homemade trail mix that had walnuts, pecans, raisins and white chocolate chips. Yummy but I ate too much.

While we were talking, Debby suggested that I keep a separate blog about finding my bio-family. What do you guys think? It would be nice to have it all in one place. Let me know what your thoughts are. Larry even suggested I write a book! I thought that was funny! In all actuality I don't consider myself a writer. This blog is the most writing I have ever done since college. I never had a paper journal. I have always loved reading though... hmmm thoughts to ponder.

Hope you are having a good week! I am so glad that it's Thursday already! It is my brother's birthday today. Tonight is up in the air until I talk to the new apt. manager, Ahmed as far as going over there and signing the paperwork etc. Our travel agent Susan is going to meet my mom at 6:00 p.m. and hopefully I can be there. They have a new procedure for booking shore excursions so she is going to show us the changes. She is a sweet gal and lives in my mom's neighborhood so that is why she is making a house call :-) Have a good day! Until next time...

P.S. Does anyone know how to make an additional page to an existing blog?


  1. I think you're an amazing writer, Katie, and would love to dive deeper into the amazing adventure about finding your family and getting to know them! And even if you don't think it would be book worthy I bet there are a ton of magazines that would probably eat it up!

  2. I think that a book would be a fantastic idea! But so is the idea of an additional blog- you could do that and maybe one day turn your thoughts into a book! Seriously, you are a fantastic author, I think it's a great idea!

    I'm thinking of you and the slumlord owner. It's always good to be nice but firm in your letter, because if additional action needs to be taken (fingers crossed it won't) you'll have a polite letter to show for it.

  3. The new place looks great! Glad you found something so nice...sending good thoughts that the slumlord lets you go without a fight.

    I think you could write a very interesting book about your adoption journey...I'd buy it!

  4. Congrats on the new place and good luck breaking the lease. I had a bad experience trying to move out of a place once - learned some lessons. The pics of the new place look great.

  5. I love the new place & hopefully you will be getting out of the old lease no issue.

    I think writing a blog about find your parents and how you and your family handle it would be interesting. I think it is a great idea. You may end up helping others out there that don't know where or need that last push to go out and do the same!

  6. So happy you found a place and it looks great! Hopefully the slumlord will recognize himself for what he is and just let you go.

  7. Hooray and finding an apartment! That has to be a relief.

    I think a separate blog would be cool, like you said everything would be in one spot.

    Happy B-day to your brother!

  8. So excited for your new digs!!!!!

    I think a separate blog about finding you family would be amazing. How awesome would it be to share your experiences, not just with us, but also with those seeking to find their bio-families.

    Happy birthday to your Bro!


  9. :D so glad things are looking up! The apartment sounds lovely. As far as the blog goes, do what works for you. some people can handle two blogs, most cannot.

    I wonder if your blog can have a family "page" although I don't know how the new page thing works.

    If you don't either, maybe someone else does.

    Whatever you decide, I'll follow. :D


  10. Your new place is really nice. I hope that you and your guy are very happy there and can finally live in peace and safety.

    I think an additional blog is a great idea.

    Okay, I want to add tabs and additional pages, too. I have gone to the feature a couple of times but it is confounding me. I'll figure it out... Eventually. lol

  11. Fingers crossed you have no trouble with 'slumlord'!

  12. I hope all works out with your living situation...great news on your new apartment.

    I think you should feel comfortable to continue to include your bio-family search story within this blog.

    This blog is also about you after all...and that is what we are interested in, you.

  13. I think the book idea is awesome. You should go for it! You're a good writer, very easy to read!

  14. The new apartment looks beautiful! Check out this article on nuts!
    I love nuts too and find myself snacking on them every few days.

  15. SO EXCITED for you with the apartment the book ALL OF IT.



  16. Katie, you can add up to ten pages on your blog, you go into new post, there is an edit post, also a pages click on that and then you can start adding that way. if you have any trouble, i will go in step by step for you. congrats on your new apartment. take care, have a good weekend.let me know if you need any help with the pages, and anyone else as well. just leave me a message on my blog. hugs.

  17. Katie, here is how you do it, I went and checked.
    go into New Post,
    then Edit Pages,
    then click on New Page, and it walks you through from there. and that is it chickadee. let me know how you make out.

  18. New place looks good!

    I think you could make a page about your adoption stuff or start another blog about it. There are a lot of us adoptees out there and they would be encouraged by your search and find:)

  19. I think having both the blogs in one place is great, especially since what is happening to you emotionally can have such an affect on your eating habits. I think that it is a great idea about a book. Even if you were to compile all of your blog posts together, you'd have a great amount of material to start with right there.

    Congrats on the new place, and good luck with the slumlord!


  20. Katie, I kind of prefer you write about finding your bio family on this blog, all in one place. Just seems like it would be easier for you and your reader. :)

  21. So glad you found a new place-looks really nice-I would read it no matter where it was here, somewhere else or a book~


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