Friday, August 27, 2010

Celtic Woman

Have you ever heard of Celtic Woman? It is pronounced ˈkel-tik by the way. I always want to say 'sel-tik like the Boston Celtics but that is incorrect.

Celtic Woman is a multi-platinum award winning group of 4 women who perform current hits and classic Irish songs. They are often shown on PBS. Dave and I will be seeing them this Sunday, August 29th. I am super duper excited about it. Here is sample of their music... sit back and enjoy

Seeing them is like a dream come true. It is a fantastic venue (We saw Yes there) and it should be a show to remember.


  1. They've stayed at the hotel before when they've been performing locally. SUPER nice ladies!!! Have a super time!

  2. :D Well, Katie J, you actually are not wrong about your tendency to pronounce Celtic with the soft "C" sound (like "s").

    Celtic is a word that has changed it sound over the years--which is why the Boston Celtics are pronounced the way you want. that's how we all used to say it.

    Both ways are correct, just the hard C (like a "k") is popular now. You know, like harrass was pronounced differently a couple decades ago and so was Uranus.

    Don't know how that happens. I do know that the group you're referring to does use the hard "C" sound, tho.

    How do I know all of this? Besides the fact that I am just a storehouse of fairly useless information? chuckle. All of my ancestors are of Celtic origin. :) Even my grandmother who came from Nothern Italy when she was 4, came from the part of Italy that was settled by the Celts over a thousand years ago. (It is from her that I got my green eyes.)

    All of the rest of my ancestors were from Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

    Anyway, if you Google it, I'm sure you'll find Celtic with two pronunciations. So, see, you are right. :)

    Enjoy the concert. This group comes to Pittsburgh regularly, but we haven't been able to go when they've been here. I'm hoping they'll make another tour in March.


  3. Oh, Katie, I am so jealous! We went on vacation to Ireland back in May and hubby and I have fallen in love with the classic Irish music! They are an awesome group! I know you will have a fantastic time!

  4. As you know......I am a true Scotland-aholic. I love Celtic Womans music. You are going to have such an amazing experience. Let us know how it goes!

  5. Have so much fun tonight! It seems you guys love live music, so enjoy!


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