Friday, August 13, 2010

Facts for Friday

Last night I barbequed chicken. The bbq is right outside the front door so it is pretty convenient. We marinated it in Italian dressing and then I added some other seasonings prior to cooking it. We had peas and mashed potatoes as well. I am not a pea fan so I had to force myself but it wasn't horrible. I Wii'd for 15 mins and then we went on a 2o minute walk later in the evening.

As I mentioned, I picked up the Certified letter at the Post Office which contained the non-identifying information regarding my adoption. I opened it in the car and read through it again and again. It answers A LOT of questions even though it does not have any names. Since I have been able to talk to my siblings and Uncle Steve, I was able to fill in the blanks. I was so nervous and anxious that I could not eat any lunch. That is what happens to me when I am feeling any anxiety.

Some notable details are:

  • Bio mother was 5'2" - I am 5'2"
  • Three out of 4 of my bio grandparents were 5'4" and under. So that answers why I am such a shorty - LOL
  • I am French, Irish and Indian on my mothers side. On bio fathers side it only said Caucasian but through the siblings, I heard he was Italian and English. Between the Irish, Indian and Italian it makes a lot of sense as to to why I am the way I am.
  • Bio mother had a freckled face. I have a freckled face
  • Bio Grandmother had Uterus Cancer and had thyroid issues. Something to make note of
  • Siblings and bio mother have same allergies to foods that I do and also sister has eczema.
  • Bio Grandfather had a heavy build and 3 out of the 4 siblings are overweight

I have always been at peace about why she gave me up. My mom and dad told me from a very early age that I was "chosen" by them and that my bio mom did what she could to keep me but could not afford it. If she were alive, I would tell her that she made the right decision and that I have had a wonderful life.

My curiosity ever since ever was what nationality I am and what medical history did I inherit. I also wondered if I looked like anyone. I would be at the mall or the grocery store and look at a woman and think "Wow, she really looks like me, I wonder if it's her?" Also, I have always been enamored with big families and with families that look alike because of my lack of knowledge about my bio family I guess. None of the siblings are Diabetic nor do they have NLD so I imagine the Diabetes is weight related and the NLD is just my luck of the draw. Yay me! NOT!

All this info just blows my mind you guys! I attempted to get this information back in 1985 but I was 19 and I never followed through with it but in hindsight it was probably a good thing. I don't know if I would have been able to handle all this information plus she was still alive and living in Eureka, CA. at the time.

Tomorrow morning I am trying a new hairdresser in downtown Los Gatos. I saw someone the other day and I liked her hair and asked her where she got it cut. It is called Shampoo Lounge and the gal's name is Katie ironically. I am going to see Uncle Steve and his wife Debby after that. I will be meeting them at the Aptos Burger Company at 2:00 p.m. and the following them from there. Apparently, it is a little hard to get to so I am glad I will be able to follow him. I am nervous but I know it will be fine. Until next time...


  1. So much exciting news. It must be overwhelming to find all this new information about WHO you are but also very reassuring. You are the product of two very loving families - simply amazing.

    I hope you have a fun time getting your hair done and also with your Uncle Steve.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Wow... What a lot of news! I guess pieces of the jigsaw are starting to fall into place?

    Tabitha is part Irish (my side) and part Italian (Craig) so I'm guessing she'll be quite fiery and passionate about things! ;o)

    Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  3. How interesting to begin to have more dots to connect - like the freckles! BTW - I'm a freckle face myself.

    You reminded me I need to schedule a haircut. I'm getting pretty shaggy!

  4. Hope your haircut goes well! Love your blog!!


  5. I think you're right that the timing is better now. That would have been a lot for a younger Katie J to handle.

  6. I can only imagine how incredible it all is to absorb. And good to learn the details on where you came from. Good for you Katie J. A really neat post.

  7. Really, really interesting stuff in that letter...I agree, you are probably better off getting the info now rather than when you were a teenager. Sweet what you wrote about your bio mom and understanding her decision - that shows such grace, my friend. Hope you enjoy your visit with your uncle and aunt!

  8. Wow how amazing that one letter answers so many of your life's questions....I hope this brings you great peace.

  9. I am so glad that you're getting answers. I'm proud of you for pursuing them, and I hope you have a great visit with your family. ((((hugs!)))

  10. Wow! How cool to find out where you got your height or lack there of...what about eye color and hair color thickness, curly or whatever it might be? Until I had my son I never knew anyone who looked like me something most people take for granted. How was your visit with your uncle? Lets see a pic of the new do...
    We are the lucky adoptees that we were loved and treated well some were not sadly....


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