Monday, August 16, 2010

Mix it up Monday

How was your weekend? Hope it was good! Mine was nice and pretty productive too. So, Saturday I got up early, went and got my hair cut (love it!) and then headed over the hill to meet Uncle Steve and his wife Debbie I was so nervous that I was having trouble eating anything. I grabbed some Muscle Milk and that stuff is pretty yucky. Won't be having that again. Anyways, I get to where we are going to meet and I am thinking "Wow this is the Safeway we go to when we camp!" They live about 10 minutes from there so I followed him up to the house. Not sure if I could find it on my own that is for sure!

We had a great visit and I had nothing to be worried about. They made me feel comfortable from the very get go. He was about 15 when I was born and left home shortly thereafter so he was not around much during all of the turmoil that was going on in Sandy's (his sister) life. He had a bunch of pictures from when he was married and Sandy was in the pictures and she was beautiful :-D

Steve gave me the ceramic pieces from my great grandmother that were made around the late 1920's. I just think it is amazing that she sold ceramics during WWII. She made the molds and everything.
Speaking of ceramics, I found this frame that I painted when I was unpacking. It is called Daisy Days

Sunday we spent resting and organizing. I am down to the last few boxes. I need to go through the storage unit too but that can wait. Dave found this plant stand for $2 at a garage sale so we bought the top plant to go on it. I had another plant there but I opted to plant it outside in the ground.

Eating was good over the weekend. I did not sport the bugg but I think I got a fair amount of activity. I was up and down all day yesterday so it had to count for something LOL. Not sure what I am doing tonight. Dave finds out if he needs surgery today so we will see... Until next time...


  1. Sounds like a pretty darn good weekend Katie J. A nice visit and you did good on top of that.

    1920's ceramics...those are cool. My mom used to collect roosters. she must have 100 of them.

  2. the ceramics are great! good luck to dave!

  3. where are the pics of your new haircut? :)

  4. I remember my grandmom having some roosters like that. Glad your visit went so well. Hope you get good news for Dave *hugs*.

  5. How wonderful that the visit went so well! Glad you are getting some nice memories of your bio mom as well. Love those roosters - so special that you and your grandmother shared that connection.

  6. Glad the visit went well. I love seeing your ceramics. I love the plant stand too!

  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the daisy frame! My favorite flower! You're so talented.
    Glad everything went well with your visit. This is so exciting!

  8. Those ceramics are awesome! I love old stuff like that! Looks like a great rummage find with the plant stand too!

  9. i'm glad that things went well, katie!
    and what a great gift - i love roosters!
    and anything ceramic.

  10. Glad you had such a great visit-knew you would~love the frame-too pretty~


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