Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday Tales

Well that's a little backwards but I will definitely take it. I did not eat lunch yesterday. I just wasn't hungry at lunchtime so I just lightly snacked in the afternoon and then had a small dinner. Candace (niece) came over and we split some Lo Mein and a salad and played Wii. We had fun! I am really diggin the Resort games. They are very entertaining!

For those of you who asked, I got the skewers at Big Lots. Debby wants me to pick her up some and they were really inexpensive so I plan on getting a few more sets if they still have them.

I am not sure if I mentioned that I got a Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker and I am in L-O-V-E. First let me say that I am a java junkie. I absolutely love a bold but smooth cup of coffee. Well, the Keurig does not dissappoint. It is super easy to make and super quick too. I have had it a few weeks now but I still have it at the office. Everyone really seems to enjoy it as much as I do. I think one of the only drawbacks is the price of the K-cups. They can run up to $2.00 a cup so it is better to get them on sale but the freshness and clean taste can't be matched in my humble opinion.

It looks like Candace and I will be driving up to Eureka this weekend. She needs to pick up some personal belongings so she is renting a truck and we are going to road trip it up there. We plan on leaving Saturday morning and then coming back Monday afternoon/evening. We will split the cost of gas. It is about 5-6 hours from where we live. I am nervous, anxious, excited, scared and happy all at the same time. It seems so surreal to even be typing all of this you know what I mean? My sister, Tess (Teresa) is there as well as my brother Michael. The other sibling, Fred, lives in Alaska. The hard part will be not telling my mom about it. I just think it will be better if she doesn't know. I feel decietful but I just don't need her to worry or judge or be hurt about it.

Not sure what is on the agenda tonight. Dave has a meeting. I printed out all the 24hr fitness schedules to see their class offerings. I would like to pick a class and day that I can stick to and do it regularly. I am leaning towards Zumba but I will check out all the options. I really like the swim classes too. We shall see. Until next time....


  1. BJ's Wholesale 80 pods for $37.00 We buy them every week, 5 flavors to choose from.. Well worth the price of membership !!! Love my Keurig !!

  2. 6 months ago, my company replaced all the coffee pots with Keurigs.

    ITA with Allan on the wholesale club prices for K-Cups. Another thing you might want to consider is to see if the company that provides your office supplies can get them. Our supplier does and my office allows people to order personally and reimburse the company. Huge savings.

  3. I loved my Keurig, too! It quit working after a couple of years and since I had also quit working, I didn't get a new one. But loved the variety--and you're right the strong coffee WAS still smooth. :)

    the discount houses are great and I also joined the Keurig club that was available. If you ordered a certain amount at one time the cost was about the same as the discount houses and you weren't locked into limited choices. I think you had to buy 4 boxes for the discount and free shipping. I forget how manycups were in a box. I remember the price was about $12.50 a box. So probably 24 little plugs per box, because the end cost was about $.50 a cup.


  4. I would love one of those pod coffee makers - they are so fun and I agree, make a great cup of coffee. One of these days... :)

    I hope you have a great visit with your siblings in Eureka. Jeff went to Humboldt State so I've done that drive many times - it's very pretty.

  5. Hey! Check out Greenmountain.com for all your k-cup needs. They have a HUGE variety of flavors and blends of coffee. Shipping is FREE if your order 4 boxes at once. BTW I DON'T work for them they are just a great company!

  6. There is a single cup coffee maker for sale at our Hospice Shop where I work.. and no one wants it! Most say they can't imagine the use of a machine that only makes 1 cup! I'm glad you love yours.

  7. MMMMMMMM coffee-love it. Have a great trip and don't feel too guilty you don't have to tell your mom everything~!


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