Saturday, September 11, 2010


I DVR'd the debut episode of Thintervention and watched it when I got home from work. Here is the synopsis from Bravo's website.

In Thintervention, Warner of the Bravo series Work Out will do what she does best – kick butt and inspire drastic lifestyle changes for her overweight clients who are struggling to lose weight and get healthy for good. Warner will push them to their limit at her gym and inspire them with intense workouts at amazing locations. Not sent to a weight loss camp or facility, instead Warner works with them in their real lives surrounded by the everyday distractions and stresses of family and work, making the chances for long-term success greater. Progress will be checked through group therapy and daily weigh-ins. Warner will do whatever it takes to keep her clients on track - even if it means surprise ambushes at their homes, work or when out socializing.

In typical Warner boot camp style, she will accept nothing less than full commitment to change and will confront those that do not show her they are sincere with their fitness goals.

Jackie is tough but she is a bulldog like Jillian Michael's. I like the fact that it is in her client's own environments vs. them being in a "controlled" environment like Biggest Loser I also like the fact that they do the therapy sessions. I feel strongly that you have to come to terms with what is causing you to overeat whether you have 15 or 150 lbs. to lose. I am looking forward to more episodes and see how they progress.

Hope you have a great day! Until next time...

P.S. This was my horoscope today ;-)

The time you've spent tending to family matters recently has probably been satisfying and maybe even fun, but it's definitely taken it out of you, too. Even when things go relatively well, there's an emotional component you just don't get with friends or at work that can be a bit exhausting. It's probably left you even more sensitive than usual, with your emotional nerve endings a little frayed. Take some time for personal renewal, doing whatever recharges you best.


  1. I watched it - the people were cracking me up! Will be interesting to see how everyone does, and yeah, you are right - this "real world" aspect will make it more realistic than the Biggest Loser.

  2. I watched it too. These are a bunch of divas including the guys. I'll keep watching because it was a good reminder that I need to bust my butt a little more with the intensity . And it's fun to watch the divas. I relate more to the folks on the Biggest Loser though and mostly because I'm in BL withdrawal.

  3. I watched it. It was OK. Tay also watched, and she started laughing. "Why are you watching this, mom"" she asked, "They're all fatter than you are."

    Well, they aren't, but it's nice that my kid thinks so.

    I agree with Ms Geek. They're a bunch of divas with real attitudes. I don't know if I'll continue to watch. If nothing else is on and I'm bored, probably. I won't be putting reminders on my TV for the show though.

    I also think that if it doesn't end before then, I'll forget it totally when BL comes back on anyway.

  4. I missed it, but I definitley want to watch it!

  5. I'm sure if I try to watch this, my husband will leave me - lol. I'll take an intervention, please, just no screaming in my ear...I may be dumb, but I'm not deaf. I'll have to check it out, Katie. Thanks for postings.

  6. This is the first I've heard about this show. I will definitely be checking it out. :)

  7. Sometimes I hate missing so many different shows now that I am in Germany.

  8. Thanks for the new show! Your horoscope sounds eerily true~


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