Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Trippy Weekend

Hope you all had a good 3 day weekend. It was a very trippy weekend for me! I will remember this weekend for the rest of my life for sure. My niece, Candace and I went to Eureka as planned. We left Saturday late morning and got there in the early evening. We did stop on the way at In & Out Burger. It was yummy! It was only the 3rd fast food hamburger I have had in a year and 9 months so I really enjoyed it. Eating was spotty throughout the weekend and I did not take my pills or insulin (Bad Katie!) Saturday night we went to Home Buffet and I managed okay but I walked out of there feeling fuller then full and I realized how much I hate that overstuffed feeling. I did get on the scale this morning and I am down 3 lbs. from last Wednesday but I am not sure it will stick so I will weigh "officially" in on Wednesday. Here are some pictures I took:

Tess, Katie J and Mike (birth order)

Stream where bio mothers ashes were distributed

Bench near stream where ashes were

Trees over the stream

We did not get home until 12:30 a.m. and I was finally able to crash about 1:30 a.m. so I am hella tired today. I don't have anything planned for this evening fortunately. I am going to make some ravioli and salad for dinner and play some Wii and make it a very early night. Until next time...


  1. Katie,
    Coiuld you email me the name and email address of the person who contacted you about the CSN Store giveaway on your blog. I lost the email address of the person who contacted me, and my giveaway end tomorrow and I need to announce the winner on Thursday. Anyway, I'm in a pickle here. I would be forever grateful if you coulod help me.

    My email address is: kathyj393 at comcast dot net.
    Thanks you, Kathy

  2. Sounds like you are still processing the weekend, which, I can only imagine, was a bit surreal. Remember to take good care of yourself in the meantime.

  3. aww thanks for sharing. Love the pic of you with your siblings too- I always find it so interesting

  4. Wow-meeting your siblings must have been so sureal :)

  5. Hey I just ran across your blog and was looking for some advice. I am a new blogger and actually am starting to blog about my weight loss journey – I loved your blog. I will follow you and would love it if you can do the same and maybe send me some advice weather it be on blogging or weight loss (what a damn struggle).....Thanks so much.


  6. Wow. Powerful stuff. So glad you could make lasting memories.

  7. Stay focused! I'm counting on you! :) It's hard to stay on target when so much is going on in our lives, huh? The trick is to maneuver through it while keep our focus on our ultimate goal. Sounds like you did a good job with that!


  8. well, i would imagine that it would be trippy :)
    it seemed like it turned out well? i hope...
    and congrats on the fast food thing!
    i had chinese food on sunday and because i'm taking much care of myself (and not eating fast food on a regular basis) my body can tolerate a little wickedness much better now.

  9. So glad your trip went well. Lovely photos.

  10. Glad your visit went great! So exciting. We don't have In and Out Burgers in the midwest, but I hear they are amazing - definitely worth the treat!

    Hope you are rested by now!

  11. So glad it all went so well Katie.


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