Friday, November 5, 2010

Hot 100 Update #6

Had steak, baked potato and salad for dinner (Dave's request) I did not get any exercise in and went to bed at 9:00 p.m. again.

Yesterday at lunch time, I went over to Bed, Bath and Beyond and bought a 8-in-1 for Wii Sports Resort. It contains attachments for Swordplay, Canoeing, Golfing, Table Tennis, Frisbee playing, Wakeboarding, Archery and a Power Cruising handle. I love the table tennis, archery and swordfighting the best. Fun stuff! I need to figure out if I can compete against others online. I have a wittle friend I would like to challenge named Simone!
This morning on my way in I stopped for smokes coffee at the Chevron and a woman with a teenager and a young boy were trying to put air in their car tire. They asked me if I knew how to do it and I told them yes and got out and helped. They were SO thankful and what a nice way to start my day!

Now on to the update:
  1. I will lose 2 lbs. per week. I lost 1 lb. (262) <----Still bouncing the same few lbs. around
  2. I will wear my bodybugg from 7:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. daily. I wore it 6/7
  3. I will exercise a min. of 30 mins - 5 days per week. I did 3 days
I feel like a crappy challenger. I started the challenge with vim, vigor and vitality and now I am just cruising. Cruising gets you no where fast that's for sure. We still have 8 weeks left of this year. 56 days. If I buckle down and push hard I could at least get into the 240s which would also put me at 75 lbs. lost. God, that sounds wonderful. Now, I just need to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Fairly iffy on the weekend plans. Going to the gym again is on the agenda. Wii time too and a visit to Bruce. We might go see Megamind if time allows. Hope you all have a great weekend! Until next time...

P.S. Don't forget to set your clocks back tomorrow! Fall back...


  1. Katie - I absolutely know you can get into those 240s by the end of the year. You did pretty decent with the goals - you are NOT a crappy challenger! Have a good w/e -

  2. ahhh I want a WII... know what i'm going to have to ask santa for! :)

    You can do it.. 240's here you come.

  3. That wii stuff looks cool! I have the Wii, I might look into some of the stuff. I play the Fit a lot, step aerobics is fun.
    someone once told me that losing weight is a mental game. If you want to continue your loss, set your mind to it. I know you can!

  4. You know, I think you did okay with your goals. And congrats on the loss! Deb

  5. You can do it, It is amazing how one feels when they help another. your a gem. everyday in every way. tell yourself you will, and you deserve it. I know you will get there. hugs.

  6. The thing is, you can't change yesterday, no matter how hard you try. You can plan for tomorrow, but you cannot do anything else about it yet. Today, however, you can master. Make today your day!

    ~South Beach Steve

    finally catching up on blogs lol

    lets make this happen girly x

  8. Hi Katie! You so can do it! I am with you on batting the same few pounds around. Trying to be grateful for maintaining and not regaining - but ready to see some movement again! Let's end the year strong. If you want to meet for a walk sometime, let me know. I am happy to come over the hill.


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