Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gym or No Gym?

Well calories were pretty high for the day. I got snacky in the evening and ended up eating some extras so hence the low deficit. I am just glad to have a deficit at all.

Did you know that 4 bottles of water (16.9 oz) equals 5 lbs. on the scale? I was surpised to say the least! We actually put them on the scale and confirmed it! I did really well with my water yesterday. I think that drinking one right off the bat in the morning (with pills) is what helped the most and then I just sipped the rest of the day and managed to get all my water in :-) Yay! Now if I can just keep it up. Wish this wasn't such a battle and came naturally.

I have been thinking about my gym membership and if I should keep it. I signed up for Linda Evans Fitness Center back in 1997 when I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. They were eventually bought by 24hr Fitness and my membership was grandfathered in at $19/mo.  About two years ago, they opened some Super Sport locations and also added $10 to my membership if I wanted to go there. They really are state of the art locations and I think worth it IF I was going. So for $29/month I can go to any and all of their locations. It has been a few MONTHS since I have gone. I have had a few conversations with some of my friends/collegues who say they pay upwards of $50-$75 and I am getting a good deal. Well, it would be a good deal IF I was going. So my question to you is: Do you have a membership and if so, how much do you pay per month?

It isn't as if I did not have resources to work out at home. I have a balance ball, resistance bands, light weights (2 and 3 lbs.) the Wii and all the games, an assortement of workout DVDs plus I have Phoebe and walking.  Plenty of options right?

Part of going to the gym is being prepared which is part of my problem. I need to pack a gym bag and have it ready at ALL times. That way I can leave from work and head straight there. At this point, I don't think I could get there before work. Working out at home in the morning would be feasible but I doubt I could make it during the week. Until next time...

P.S. They reached their goal for Chickadee's (Evalyn) Therapy Dog. Go here for details.


  1. That's a tough one. It would be difficult giving up your membership because you won't get a great deal like that again. I don't have a gym membership because, fortunately, I have a treadmill and weights at home. You definitely have to have yourself organized to go to the gym after work. When I did have a membership if I wasn't organized my car wanted to go directly home.

  2. Hard decision to make. I haven't gone for a gym membership this time round, though I would if I had the spare cash for the off peak membership. I have made a pact to walk more and do yoga regularly at home, with some swimming thrown in when i can.

  3. Huh.
    Ya know, I pay $85 a month. BUT it is worth it. I HATE working out a home with fiery passion. I guess you have to figure out what works best for you and where your time is best being spent.

  4. I think you are getting an awesome deal that you might be sorry to lose. What about this: go to the gym? I know, what a novel idea!!! I am teasing you because you know I was in your shoes for years...but getting involved with trainers and my workouts really changed my life, and I think you would see a huge turn-around, too. I just want what's best for you - there, did I sound like your mother? LOL I am not old enough! Just being a friend who's been there.

  5. In spite of the recession, gym membership prices have sky-rocketed in the UK... Our local (antiquated!) gym with its ancient pool and equipment will set you back a minimum of £40 per month... More, depending on the time of day you visit and what classes you want to do...

    By the way, I now only allow myself my first coffe AFTER I have downed a pint of water in the morning when I get up! :o)

  6. When I had a Gold's membership it was about 40-45/month, which I thought was good, but dang girl $29 is great!

    Polar's Mom

  7. Yeah, 29 dollars is a good deal. So, pack a bag, Toots. I will if you will.

  8. I really do think only YOU can answer this.
    FOR ME? RIGHT NOW? I could drop the membership.
    before my daughter? I needed it. myriad reasons.

    either way that is a GREAT DEAL--you dont wanna know what the husband is paying.


  9. 29 dollars is a great deal. I had a gym membership for 10 years that cost 30.00 a month eventually the gym went out of business. Now I work out at home:) When I first started working out back 1997 I needed the structure and support of the gym and a trainer.Of course, now I am a trainer and have a mini gym set up at home.

    Only you can decide this one what is best for you lots of options....

  10. You're getting a good deal, for sure. I pay $100/year for 24 Hour Fitness. Totally awesome deal, and it came as a bonus for signing up early when they were building a new gym in our area. It's a lifetime offer, so I will be renewing that until they tell me I can't anymore.

    I totally understand your quandary - I don't go very often either. I think I would say that you deserve to give it another shot before walking away from it. Maybe make a goal of going twice a week for one month and then re-evaluate your decision.

  11. I pay $49.90 for Mike and I both to a 24 hour gym but maybe it's cheaper here where I live. I say keep it if you are going to use it sounds like a good deal.

  12. My membership is only $16 a month, and it's 24 hours. ATC is a local chain I think. Honestly, unless you really need th extra money right now, I'd hang on to it because that really is a great deal!


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