Monday, January 10, 2011

Mish Mash Monday

How was your weekend? Mine was fairly productive and fairly lazy. I am still battling the dregs of this cold/flu and it is downright annoying. It would help for sure if I didn't smoke.  I got our holiday decorations packed away and did some major cleaning. It felt good but it looks kinda boring now without all the sparkle LOL

I met up with my friend for coffee and all is well now. It really was a misunderstanding that never should have happened but what can you do? I feel world's better though since I got some resolution with that sitation. They have been my friends for over 25 years and I did not want to lose them as friends.

We made the lasagna as planned and it turned out good! Since I am sensitive with italian sausage, I only put a few pieces in ours and we also used cottage cheese vs. ricotta which helped with the calories and you really can't tell the difference taste wise. I brought some for lunch today and will most likely freeze the rest for another day. Here is a picture of it. Don't you just love the brown range top (NOT!)

As far as the rest of the weekend, I did okay eating wise. I was fairly active throughout the weekend but never made it to the gym. I did end up going to bed before 10:00 p.m. both nights so I was up way early in the a.m. each day. I think it would be good for me to exercise in the a.m. and I am already up so it would not be a big adjustment to my schedule. More on that tomorrow.

Tonight I am meeting Michael (bio brother) for dinner. He is down here (from Eureka) to see a hand surgeon and since he is close, we are going to meet up. I decided to call him my brother from the same mother vs. my brother Bob who is a brother from another mother. Speaking of siblings, my sister, Tess (Teresa) was on Discovery ID channel On the Case with Paula Zahn -- Sins of the Father last night at 10:00 p.m. I did not stay up to watch it but I did set my DVR to record it so I am anxious to see it. She had a friend that was murdered and they solved the case right before I met them in September.

It is going to be a weird week, I can tell already. Wednesday or Thursday we will put Bruce to rest and then on Saturday, I am going with my mom to a funeral for one of her neighbors. Two funerals in one week. Ughhh... I will do my best to keep my chin up :-) Until next time...

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  1. Funny how you know things are on their way to weird. Glad you had a good weekend.

  2. So happy things are patched up with you and your friends! What a week ahead of you...stay strong and healthy throughout. :)

  3. Hope you have a nice dinner with your brother. Hope the funerals go ok for you. As for lasagna I actually figured up my "healthier" version the last time I made it and still came up with 450 calories for a half piece lol. That stuff just doesn't seem able to come in low calorie no matter how you make it. I froze some of mine too so I could have it at another time.

  4. sending you vibes of strength this stressful week.
    glad you had a good weekend to start you off STRONG.


  5. I love your teeny-tiny lettering in this post. I'm glad you worked it out with your friends too. Most problems usually are caused by a misunderstanding and not worth giving up a friendship. Hope you're rid of all the germs soon. I don't smoke and those coughs seem to hang on forever anyway.

  6. THanks for the link love! Helping with stress is the best way to increase health. Because that's the catalyst. I hope that you get better soon too. That's stressful.


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