Thursday, February 24, 2011

Moving Forward

It went well yesterday. Better then I expected really. I appreciate all your comments and virtual hugs. It means more then I can say. 

I wanted to share the pictures of the niche because this is something I have never seen before.  They have glass fronts and the urn is placed inside but mementos can be added as desired. In one of the nearby niches, a young man had been killed in combat so it had his dog tags, pictures of him in his high school football uniform and other keepsakes. It was a beautiful tribute to his young life.

Niche location
 Peter Wong, the public administrator picked out everything. (I picked the cemetery) and I think he did a fine job. He is really good at his job and I do plan on writing the county to commend him on his assistance with all these arrangements. He even brought me flowers.
Peter gave me these

I cut these inside our courtyard
I was supposed to get together with Michael (bio brother) on Tuesday night. Well, I sat around waiting for him to call and never got a call or text. I do admit that my feelings were hurt but he was down here getting surgery on his hand/wrist so I tried to put myself in his shoes. I would have been stressing out at that point!

I ended up playing Wii for almost 2 hours with my friend Tony. We had a blast but I kept beating him at everything and he wasn't digging it LOL! He said "Katie, let's play something I can beat you at!" Classic!

After the service, I ended up at the bar for awhile. We had lunch and I had a few beers and a couple shots. I was pretty toasty when Dave came and got me and we went out to dinner. Needless to say I am belly aching this morning. I have not ate or drank like that in a long time. It used to be a regular occurrence. :-( I am a little tired today and plan on going home and getting jammies on right away. Until next time...


  1. You handled the day admirably. NO ONE can fault you for a few drinks to help end the day. I'm sure it was rough, all around. Lotsa hugs for you. :)

  2. Long distance hugs from me to you. I got the box - mentioned it on the blog today!

  3. Hope today is better for you, Katie.

  4. Sounds like it was a good day and paid your respects to Bruce, and rightly a drink or two. So glad it went well

  5. So sorry Katie, better days ahead, sorry for your loss. hugs.

  6. lots of hugs and prayers from Austin.

  7. thank you for sharing with us, katie. my thoughts are with you, friend :))


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