Friday, March 18, 2011

Feeling a Little Green

I had great intentions yesterday. I had a plan to not imbibe in too much alcohol or eat too much. Well as you can see above I did not follow my plan. I ended up having 4 Pacificos and a Washington Apple. I ate mostly corned beef and rye bread. I did avoid the potatoes which was probably a good thing. I also had a Root beer float on the way home (friend drove) so needless to say I am a little green today. That is like 2 days worth of calories - eeeekk. The sad part is that this used to be a fairly regular occurrence. The good news is today is a new day. I did get on the scale this morning and I am at 257 which means I am up 2 lbs. I have been weighing daily and that is actually down from the beginning of the week so I am okay with that but I need to stop screwing around!

It is going to rain all weekend here. Saturday I am having lunch with my mom and Danielle and I may possibly attend a Spa party Saturday evening. I also want to go check out the new 24hr Fitness that opened near our place. They are actually closing my original club that I signed up at back in the day. It was getting pretty run down so I am actually not surprised. I may get some ceramic painting done too. We shall see... Until next time...


  1. Well, it always helps me figure out what is going on in my head when I feel bad about yesterday. You had fun. And?

    You've got good intentions for today and you are following through. Like you said it was a holiday. You're doing great. ONe mess up is a blip on the line of progress.

  2. Katie, give yourself a bit of a break! It was a holiday. Try not to have too many regrets! You've got a great attitude about today being another day. There are going to be plenty of days that don't go according to the daily plan. The life long plan is 90/10 ratio. 90% good days- 10% not so fabulous. And you are ROCKIN that ratio!! GREAT JOB!

  3. Don't beat yourself up.. plus I would get carried away with Pacificos, mmmm I am a beer girl dammit! looking forward to meeting you at blog her :)

  4. The best laid plans...oh well, it's a new day. Hope you are feeling better by now!

  5. First off, I am so proud of you for posting the reality of your day yesterday and even showing us the true calorie surplus. I love your honesty, reflection and recognition that today is a new day :)

    St. Patty's Day has always been a struggle for me. I am majorly Irish, thus expected to party hardy. (maiden name is McGivern and I am a Patty for crying out loud!) I lucked out this year and had to watch Holly, so no yummy beer or corned beef for me. If not, my day may have been a lot like yours. (Except cheesecake for me instead of a rootbeer float.) SIGH!!

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