Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Fandango

Happy Friday! Oh man, am I glad we made it! It was questionable but here we are...whew! Had a decent night last night. We had Mexican food from La Paloma. We brought it home instead of of eating there. We had a 1/2 off coupon from our coupon book. That thing is SO handy. We have already made our money back on it so it is all good.

Have you guys heard of Living Social? I had heard about it recently and get daily emails from them about deals in my area and I got one this morning for Three Massages, Three Facials, Three Hydro-Derma Fusion Treatments, and Three Red-Light Therapy Sessions. How much do you think I paid? $300-$400? Actually the retail value is $420 and I got it for $49! I am so excited! I have been wanting to get a massage and I get all that plus the massage so I am thrilled.

I finally figured out part of the reason why I have been struggling so much lately. I feel rather lame for not realizing it sooner actually.  I neglected to refill one of my regular prescriptions and it made my system get all out of whack. I contacted my doctor and worked out a plan of action so I will get it refilled today and be back in business in a few days or so. Sheesh!

As far as the weekend goes, we are planning on going to the gym because they are having an All Access Weekend so Dave can come with me and we want to go to the movies. Dave wants to see Rango and we have free coupons for it so I am game. Other then that it is supposed to rain all weekend - grrrrr - so I want to keep busy with things so I won't sit and stuff my face. Until next time...


  1. That coupon sounds great! We don't have Living Social in our town (nor Groupon) - boo!

  2. Thanks for the kind supportive words on my blog; appreciate having you in my corner.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I get living social and groupon and yet have thus far NOT purchased anything

    I get paralyzed by over analysis :)


  4. We have Living Social and Group On - but there usually isn't anything close enough for me to take advantage of yet. :(

    Hope you had a great weekend Katie!

  5. Oh, man! That's a great bargain on that massage! Have fun!!


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