Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wassup Wednesday

I had a good day on Tuesday. Went to Fish Market with my mom for dinner. It is always healthy and good. The staff there make us feel "special" with the attention they give us which is a bonus in my book. I had sushi and sashimi for my entree. I used to get the dinners but have been ordering the sushi the last few times we went there.

Still trying to get in a groove with uploading my bodybugg data. I need to be more adaptable when it comes to changing routines! Sheesh!!! What I need to do is keep the food logging going throughout the day and then either before I go to bed or when I get up in the morning, I need to upload the activity so I can post my totals. Should be easy enough...

So I had this weird thing happen on Facebook yesterday and wanted to share  About 3:00 p.m. I got a DM from a gal with the initials D.S. (Don't want to reveal her real name) . She said and I quote "What type of person throws eggs on someone they don't even know?" I did not recognize her name so I asked if the message was directed at me or did she make a mistake. She then responded by telling me that 2 other girls and I had thrown eggs at her over a sweater of another friend and that she did not deserve eggs being thrown at her. I was flabbergasted! According to her the timeline was when we were in middle school. My response to her was that albeit the fact that I did not remember the incident, I don't deny that it happened and that I was sincerely sorry for my poor behavior, but I was not the most angelic teenager.  She then messaged back saying I was forgiven and that she just wanted to get it off her chest. I told her again I was sorry and glad that she could let it go now.  First off, it was over 30 years ago! I was in middle school (13 years old!!) Those were my first reactions but after I thought about it some more, I say good for you D.S. I am sorry that it took her THAT long to let it go.

It reminded me of another classmate from elementary school, P.C., who came up with the name "Katie Cow" We have at least 40 mutual friends on FB and his name pops up now and again but I would never message him and tell him that his nickname haunted me for years and that even as a grown woman, I still harbor some resentment. Not that I wouldn't want to tell him but I just think it is better left alone. I do feel better that I was able to get it out on here though ;-) I also considered writing a letter to him and then not sending it. Have you ever done that?  Until next time...


  1. Unfortunately, the events that made us feel bad are the ones that stick with us. I have written letters that I don't send. It helps, that's true. Sometimes, I think that if we could just let go of these biting criticisms, we could finally be free enough to overcome our hang ups—like compulsive overeating in my case.

    It's funny, too. This morning, my little nephew told me he's being bullied at school. This now makes the third time today that I've run across something about bullying in school. If that's not a call to do something to help him, I don't know what is.

  2. First off, teenagers can be some of the meanest people ever. I think they're a little crazy what with the hormones and all to tell you the truth. You did the perfect things by saying you were sorry Katie - and I know you meant it!

    Write the letter to dumb PC and then just put it away. It will help you let go of that resentment. If he EVER asks to friend you then I think you should respond with what you've written in your letter. If he apologizes, then be his friend. If not, well obviously you're better off without him!

  3. OMG...that egg incident is crazy weird. And you're right, teens aren't typically angels (God...I STILL regret what I did almost 14 years ago). I'm guessing that stuff went down, whether or not you recall (and/or were even a part of it), but, as you already know (you poor thing), it's really hard for some people to let things go like that. I can pretty much name people and incidents from high school that I just can't forget. It's brutal. I want to let go, but...can't. I'm impressed that she confronted you (30 years later! WOW!) and that you were so great about it. It's probably good for both of you guys.

    Made me happy. Good for BOTH of you.

  4. I had no idea that the Fish Market had sushi. I haven't been there in years, but I may need to check it out sometime soon.

    As far as the middle school thing, that is still odd. I guess it's good for her to get it off her chest, but I mean, couldn't she let it go by now. I had someone message me via FB saying they were sorry for being mean to me in 8th grade. I wrote her back and said I really didn't remember the incident at all and that I hoped she felt better apologizing, but that it hadn't left any sort of imprint on me at all. She seemed upset by that response. As if because she had carried the guilt with her, I was supposed to be devastated, too. I guess we all just handle childhood dramas differently.

  5. I need to track down that guy that cut in front of me in the lunchtime in 3rd grade that one time and see if I can throttle an apology out of him. What was his name? Johnny? Willie? Fred?

  6. I remember watching some talk show years ago, I think it may have been Ricky Lake(?) - Go Ricky, Go Ricky - that one and that's how long ago it was or it could have been SJR. Anyway, this particular episode was about people who had been bullied at school and wanted to confront the abuser more than 10 (some 15, 20 or more)years later. The abuser had no idea why they were on the show then suddenly the "victim" would come from back stage and confront this person etc, etc, etc. 9 out of 10 times, the abuser didn't even remember the person or what they had done. Some didn't believe it and still refused to apologise, but most of them said how sorry they were for what had happened and asked for forgiveness.

    I just think when someone has been really hurt by something, that something sticks with us - like being called Katie Cow - what a jerk. We were all stupid and immature back then even if we didn't think we were at the time xx

  7. I can't remember what happened to me yesterday, let alone who teased me the in the 3rd grade and what the said or did to me. Geeze!

    PS - I passed on a blog award to you. Check out my blog for more info :)

  8. Wow- that's pretty amazing about the egg story!

    There was one girl who had been my friend that started making fun of me and our friendship ended. She had been pretty mean! A couple of years ago she contacted me on Facebook and wanted to tell me that she was really sorry for the things she had said to me and that I was a wonderful person. I really respected her for that! Now if some of those other people would do the same thing I might be able to get rid of some of this resentment... ;)

  9. wow! crazy, but good for her to getting that out there. So I'm a bit sneaky, I'm actually volunteering at Blog Her, since I'm a local :) it's going to be good!! woohoo


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