Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Monday

Good morning my lovlies! How is everyone doing? Did you have a nice Easter weekend? I sure hope so! One of our friends came over Saturday and he and I played Wii for like 3 hours. Boy were my arms tired yesterday!  To celebrate Easter, my mom, Dave and I went to Outback for dinner on Saturday night. I adjusted my calories for the day to accommodate the meal. It was really good and we did not have to wait at all so bonus there. We had a nice time and mom really enjoyed her steak.

Yesterday, Dave and I went to breakfast and then hung out for most of the day just doing stuff around the apt. We did get a bike ride/walk in yesterday afternoon. I made my first Strawberry pie which was really easy and tasty. We just bought basic crust, baked it, put in the fresh strawberries and then poured the glaze over it and then chilled it. It was really tasty and I managed to control myself and just have one piece. As far as my weight, it is still the same. While I was sick last week it shot up and down so I am just glad to see it settled back down to the lower number.

I have an announcement, but I am not quite ready to divulge yet. I am really excited about it but I want to prepare a little more before I tell you all :-) and no, I am not preggers or closing my blog. You guys are stuck with me for awhile! LOL! Until next time...


  1. "...and no, I am not preggers"

    Sometimes you just crack me up Katie!

  2. Preggers isn't necessarily a BAD thing, though!


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