Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Katie J and the Kettlebell

Had a good day yesterday on the eating and exercise front. I really made an effort to stay out of the kitchen after dinner. I have noticed that I have been more snacky in the evenings and need to avoid eating late at night.  Dave had a game so I had a ham and cheese sandwich for dinner with some tortilla chips.    

So after dinner, I decided to go for a bike ride. I was able to extend my distance again which made me happy. I seem to go farther when Dave is not with me. I do enjoy when he comes along though. After my bike ride I decided to break in my kettlebell. Before blogging, I had never heard of a kettlebell. I used one for the first time when I did some personal training.
$29.99 - Amazon
Description: The kettlebell works all the muscles in your body simultaneously and gets your heart rate up while you strengthen and sculpt your body. Kettlebells add lean muscle to your entire body for a strong slender physique. Kettlebells boost your metabolism and turn your body into a fat burning machine!   I did some basic lifts and did 4 sets of 10 reps then picked up the medicine ball (6 lb.) to do the rest of the work on my arms. I feel good this morning, my muscles are tight but not strained or painful.
Tonight I am supposed to meet up with my mom. We will most likely go to the Fish Market. I need to come up with something new to eat there. I am kinda bored with the same ole entree. They have a pretty wide selection so I shouldn't have any trouble choosing something new to try.


  1. katie j!!! will you do me a favor and message me on facebook and tell me how the bodybugg works? thanks doll!

  2. You have your own kettlebell? I went to my very first kettlebell class today. I'm quite sure by tonight I won't be able to lift myself off of the toilet without assistance.

  3. Nice job on going long with the bike ride! And kettlebells are killer - er, fun. They're FUN. Really! :)

    Hope you have a good dinner with Mom tonight. Maybe it is time to mix it up and try a different restaurant?

  4. How fun - pink too?
    Awesome the things we are all trying!


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