Thursday, May 19, 2011

Banquet Bound

Well I did not get together with Danielle. I assume something came up but I never heard from her. Actually I was relieved because I have been running around a lot this week and it was nice to just kick it for the evening. I should have done some activity but I never got off the couch. Dinner was a tuna sandwich.

Tonight is our End of the Year banquet for work. It is held at the Dolce Hayes Mansion It is the only venue that can accommodate all of us for dinner. There will be about 500 of us! I bought a pretty blouse to wear and some matching earrings. I did have a fleeting thought of wearing a dress but not this time.  Hopefully, I can get some nice pictures. I ordered Sesame Cilantro Crusted Breast of Chicken. The choices were Prime Rib, Chicken and Eggplant. In the past, I would order eggplant but thought I might try something different. My only potential roadblock is the dessert. They usually have the most delectable desserts but they are very rich so I will have a bite or two and that is it.  The other thing is that we are sitting in the front of the room next to the President of the company so all eyes are on us. It is a little unnerving but I have gotten used to it over the years.

Hoping for a good weigh in tomorrow. I did take a peek and it looked promising! Until next time...

P.S. Speaking of good weigh-ins, go check out Tiff's post at Project 365! She just reached 100 lbs. lost!


  1. Enjoy your dinner! My guess is that no one else will notice what or how you eat, even if you are near the President's table. Enjoy a couple bites of dessert!

  2. Have fun tonight, Katie - be sure and take a picture of you in your pretty blouse for Fashion Friday!

  3. Wow. Such a pretty venue. I hope you have a good weigh in today.

  4. Enjoy your self tonight. It looks just lovely. Fingers crossed for a good weigh in.


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