Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy and Sad

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! Mine was good. I did not get to the gym as planned but I ate well and kept fairly active. Saturday, I met up with Kathy and we had a lovely time catching up. We are going to try to meet at least once a month hopefully. After I got home, my friend and neighbor Lu brought over some flowers for me and I took some pictures of the lovely flowers blooming in our courtyard of the apartment. It is nice to have them there plus I have fresh flowers weekly :-)


Yellow and Pink Rose
Pretty Pink Rose
Impatiens (Lu gave me these)
Sunday, I went to see my mom to help her with some paperwork and we went to brunch first. She was told by her doctor last week that she would not be able to drive and/or renew her license. She decided instead of putting herself and potentially others at risk that she will stop driving now. She did not want to prolong the agony so she asked if I wanted her car. I had a feeling she might but was not sure. I am happy to have her car but I am sad that she no longer will have the freedom to get up and go at will. I love her car though. It is a 2002 Toyota Avalon and is fully loaded. Moon roof, dual climate control, leather seats, 5 carousel CD disc changer, JVC stereo. She only has 58K miles on it so it will last a long time. I just have to figure out what I am going to do with my car. I may give it to my nephew but need to think about it some more.
We also talked a little bit about my adoption stuff. I told her I felt like she got gipped when she picked me as a baby. I know it is a bad way of thinking but I have been carrying guilt for all these years about my poor behavior as a teen and early adult. In hindsight, it makes much more sense that I behaved that way (knowing where I came from) but I wanted to get rid of the guilt once and for all. When I told her she joked and said “Well it’s too late now!” which made me laugh through my tears. I feel like a major weight was lifted.

Tonight I am going over there to fix her computer. We will go out to dinner first and then I can get her squared away. I am not a big fan of doing things on Mondays but I am learning to be more flexible in my old age lol!  Until next time...


  1. Pretty pictures katie!!

    I'm sorry about your mom. It was hard when my mom stopped driving. We don't live far from her but it did require a lot more of us kids helping her out

  2. I can see why you might think negatively about your poor teen choices but I don't think it has to be related to being adopted in your mind - it sounds like totally normal teenage behavior. I too behaved badly and caused my ( natural) parents to worry and stress over me. Sounds like your parents had a normal teenage daughter xx

  3. My Mom had to give up driving due to her poor vision several years ago. Its definitely been a challenging adjustment for her - and me too. The loss of freedom is something she truly had to grieve - and it hit her harder than she expected.

    I'm glad you were able to have the talk with your Mom about your guilty feelings & that you feel better. :)

  4. Sorry to hear your mom had to give up driving but sweet of her to give you the car. Glad you got to spend some time together and you got some stuff off your chest.

  5. Great car!! I'm glad that she's giving up driving so gracefully without a fight...I'm sure it's very hard!


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