Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Willful Wednesday

Had a nice evening. Instead of cooking fish, we went out to eat with some friends at the Redi Room. It was one of the last nights they will serve dinner before summer so we went. I had salmon and it was HUGE so I brought half of it home. No exercise to speak of. I watched this new show called The Voice and thought it was pretty good. I have it DVR'd so I can catch up.

I saw this book on someones blog yesterday. They picked it up at the library and it looked like something that would be helpful for me to get a routine going so I ordered it on Amazon. It should be here by Friday. Gotta love Amazon!!! Wish I could remember who it was!

You know me and my love of all things Java. I got a lb. of Starbuck's 3 Region Blend  It is smooth but full bodied. I don't like bitter blends so this is right up my alley. It is a limited edition which is a bummer but they are always coming out with something new and exciting.

I have a funny little story I wanted to share. In the office building where I work there is a day porter who roams the buildings cleaning and polishing. He is a really nice young man. He is very efficient with his tasks but it has caused some "issues" for me. See, at least twice a day he goes into the ladies room and cleans the commodes and leaves the toilet seat up. Well with my increased water consumption and newer smaller pants with multiple buttons and zippers, it has cost me precious time and has caused some very near misses let me tell you. We are the only company on our floor so our restrooms don't get any traffic other then us. Back at my heaviest, I wore elastic waisted pants so it was not an issue but it has been lately. The key is to plan a little better. Since I have to get someone to cover the phones, I hesitate asking. Silly, I know but I am getting better about it which is progress.

Hope you are having a good week! Until next time...


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