Friday, June 24, 2011

Winner Friday!

Be Happy Its Friday
Happy Friday!!! Woowoo! I am very glad it is Friday! It has been a really fun week but I am ready for the weekend.  The Winner of my First Day of Summer Giveaway is Biz from My Bizzy Kitchen! Congratulations Biz! (I contacted her to let her know) If you have not had a chance to read her blog I would hightail it over there. She has some of the BEST recipes on the planet plus she is hosting a giveaway herself!

Tomorrow is the Blinky's Can't Say Annual Golf Tournament. Once again, I will not be golfing but I will help with registrations and most likely will be the resident photographer which will be fun. Maybe next year, I will try to golf. It is mostly men but there are at least 1/2 a dozen women too.  Last year I ended up getting close to 10K steps in so hoping for the same tomorrow. I have decided NOT to drink because I don't want the excess calories. I  may have one glass of red wine with dinner but that will be it. You know, for medicinal purposes.

As for Sunday, I am not sure what my plans are. My mom needs some help with stuff but I would really like to go swimming. I am 98% healed from the tattoo so I think it is safe to go swimming by Sunday.  I will check the schedules to see if they have an Aqua Fitness Class but otherwise I will do laps or water walk. Hope you all have a wonderful first weekend of Summer! Until next time...


  1. Have a fabulous weekend Katie!

  2. Woot! So excited I won! I tried to email you, but it got bounced back as undeliverable - can you email me over the weekend when you get a chance and I'll reply . . .

    Happy Friday Katie!

  3. Congrats Biz! Have a great weekend, Katie - hope you get your swim on! :)


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