Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wonky Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! Even though I woke up thinking it was Thursday... oh well...I also left my Fitbit on the charger - that seems to be when I forget it the most... It does not need to be charged but needs data uploaded. I will get in the habit sooner or later! LOL!

Had a good visit at Planet Beach. I ended up drinking an Ensure before I went and it carried me through the appt. I got to try the facial this time and it was awesome! The chair did a thorough massage from head to toe while the light therapy worked on my face.  I have one more appt. in July and then I will find out how much it "really" costs. I really like the hydration and would consider doing that intermittently. The tanning and other services don't appeal to me.  Speaking of appts. I am getting my hair cut after work today with a new guy. I usually have female stylists so this will be interesting. I was referred to him through the Security gal in our building. The salon is called Alchemy and it is in downtown Willow Glen which is a cute little trendy area in San Jose.

I really need to find some pants to supplement my wardrobe. All of my pants are too big and some of them have come close to literally falling on the floor. While I am ecstatic about the progress, it isn't always easy to buy pants each time you go down a size, so I have been holding out. The most important thing for me has been updating my Bras and Panties. As long as they are cute and they fit, it makes me feel a whole bunch better. Having saggy butt panties makes me feel icky so I have been updating them as the size changes. I get a lot of good deals on eBay.

Thank you for your comments and support on yesterday's post. It was hard for me to post those pictures but I think it will help me get over my fears of being in public in a suit. By the way, I got that suit from Just My Size. It was not the one I originally ordered but it is the same style so I was okay with it.  Good luck to all the fellow Slimmer this Summer challengers and let's kick some booty! Until next time...

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  1. I totally have saggy butt panties! I'm holding out until the end of summer for new ones! I'm hoping the bras will hold out that long, the girls are shrinking by the minute!

  2. I love Willow Glen - such a pretty area!

  3. I hate buying pants. I haven't tried buying bras and panties on ebay. I will have to check it out. I can't wait to see pics of the new 'do.

  4. youre up today...youre guest posting :)


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