Friday, July 22, 2011

Anonymously Lovely!

We made it to Friday!!! Always glad to see it come but especially today! One of my coworkers has been going through Chemo and Radiation for Melenoma and today was her last treatment! Yay!!! She is one of the sweetest gals and has a really good attitude about the whole thing. I think that makes a world of difference.

Since there have been so many problems with Blogger lately and leaving comments, I decided to open up my blog to anonymous comments. I was very wary based on experiences other bloggers had had with that. Well, yesterday I got an anonymous comment and it was lovely! Here is the comment:
Anonymous said...
That is an AMAZING story!!! The coincidence is STUNNING!!! Another tale of destined coincidence--- My friend Tom was crushed when his wife of 20-some years asked for a divorce. The morning after a horrific argument when he finally agreed to the divorce, he got an email from his high school girlfriend who had been looking for him for years. They'd gone to separate colleges and drifted apart. She'd never stopped loving him and actually named one of her sons after him (never told the father where she got the name!). She was recently divorced herself. The timing was unbelievable! My friend's wife was stunned when suddenly he willingly agreed to everything she asked for. The high school sweethearts are happily living together now! And the ex-wife? She's prowling the dating websites.
Thank you Anon for making me smile and sharing your story!

As for the weekend, Saturday I am spending some time with my mom helping her with bills and stuff. Hopefully, it won't take all day. My other plans are to swim, gym and organize. Maybe I will be able to see Danielle on Sunday. It's been forever since we hung out. Until next time...


  1. Aww! What a great story. Have a lovely weekend Katie!!!

  2. Have a good weekend Katie. It is scary not knowing who might comment, but with comment moderation that helps some. And look it lets some folks in who make our day a bit beter.

  3. Yes, great comment. have a great and peaceful weekend!

  4. What a great story! Gotta love 'true love'!

  5. love that. :)

    - Lisa


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