Friday, July 29, 2011

Crash and Burn

We made it to Friday! Wahoo! What a week this has been! I survived it and that is the highlight. I have a tendency to agonize over things and it is unnecessary most of the time. For example, the new commute. I was freaking out thinking that I would have to leave way earlier and be stuck in traffic and I would not be able to find it… well none of that happened. It was rather easy once I did it. The funny thing is – I really try to have a carefree attitude but when confronted with change or something new I freeze. Definitely something to work on...

The construction is still happening and I won’t be able to move into my new workspace until the latter part of next week. Today, my coworkers finally joined me in the new building. They are setting up their workspaces today. We actually got to dress casual today which NEVER happens so it is a treat. I don’t have any jeans that fit so I am just wearing casual pants and my Crocs.

I never made it to my mom’s yesterday. I bailed out on her at the last minute. I was afraid with my mood and stress level that it was not a good mix. I will go over there tomorrow and take care of a few things for her. Hopefully, we can have a calm and productive discussion about her current situation. I have mentioned someone coming in to check on her but that did not go over well with her. If my brother suggests it, then maybe she will go for it. BIG sigh! Otherwise I plan to get some “Katie” time in so I can recharge and forge ahead. Until next time…


  1. I am the exact same way when things change--I also try to be so carefree and just go with the flow but it just doesn't happen.

    I can just imagine trying to talk my mother into having someone come and check on her--it would go over like a lead balloon. I think it's hard for them to admit to less independence---it would be for me!

  2. Hang in there Katie! Take care of yourself over the weekend!!!! All the best!

  3. Hope you got in that "Katie" time! We all need it!


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