Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sense of Humor

I am blogging from my phone this morning because I am in a workroom in our new building. The final inspections have not been done so "technically" I am not supposed to be here. The commute was fine and I got here in plenty of time. I am just not a fan of freeways per say but I managed just fine. i will try some alternate ways in the next few days.

My mom has always said "We must always maintain our sense of humor" and I think she's right. Even in the most dire situation there can be humor. I think that is what is keeping me sane with ALL the changes I have been going through lately. Speaking of, I have a post brewing in my head about facing some new challenges.

It looks like there is a track to walk at the campus next door and also the gym is 1.25 miles from here so I have NO EXCUSES to not get some exercise. I think tonight I will get on Phoebe and go for a ride. Until next time...


  1. Hi Katie, glad the first commute wasn't a bad one!!! Have a great day, and keep laughing! Humour can indeed be found almost anywhere!!

  2. Your "no excuse" for exercise is how I feel about the yoga class being only a minute's drive from my house...yep. Neither of us can blow it off now, lol!

  3. A sense of humor is absolutely vital! If I didn't have one I would have taken the life from someone by now for sure! LOL


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